How To Personalize Your Picture Frames

How To Personalize Your Picture Frames

It is no secret that a good frame helps improve the appearance of a picture. A personalized picture frame is one you can give out as a gift to people. The recipient of this gift will love and appreciate it — it is timeless.

Creating and personalizing a frame to fit well with your picture is a task you can do. You can do this to mark a special occasion. Also, you can add your flair to make the picture frame even more personal. When you personalize and present this picture frame as a gift, you are giving the recipient something he or she will treasure for many years.

Ways to Personalize Your Picture Frame

Below, you will find ways that will help you personalize your picture frame.

Write a personal message

More often than not, you write messages of gratitude, congratulations, and well wishes on cards. However, you can also make these messages sentimental. Do this by directly writing on the dust cover or backing board. The result of this is a hidden message that you and the person you gift the picture frame will know about.

Also called backing board, the back of the frames is usually the back of the mounting board. You can use any pen or marker to write in this it. However, you need to make sure that the ink from the writing material does not show through.

The dust cover offers protection to the contents of the frame, and it is located at the back of the frame. If you choose to write in the dust cover, make sure you use a very light touch if it is already attached. It is better that you first write the message before the dust cover is attached. Dust cover is a functional part of the frame that is not thick. It is not meant to be displayed. Do not push too hard or make use of a sharp pen, so you do not accidentally tear the dust cover.

Write on the mat board

The mounting board of your picture frame may be replaced, so maybe the dust cover, which is not meant to be everlasting. Put the dust cover on display if the message on it is very important. Make use of a pen that will not fade if you are writing on the matt board. Do not make use of a fountain or ballpoint pen. You should use pigment pens rather than dry ink pens. Pigma Micron is a good example of a pigment pen.

Ensure that you plan

Plan and organize the message that you intend to write; do this alongside the placement, spacing, and size beforehand. Do all of these before penning your writing on the mat board you’ll use for the frame. To not make mistakes, you will need to practice the writing to perfect it. But if you do make a mistake, you can get another mat board cut to size.

Paint the frame

Paint the frame

You can make use of paint to take your picture frame to the next level. You have a free hand on this, and you can put your creative skills to use here. A few ideas to help you in the painting are:

  • Painting a phrase or message
  • For geometric patterns, you can make use of the painter’s tape
  • To create intricate designs, paint with dots
  • Make use of stencil
  • Use a stencil
  • Create two-toned effect

Follow any guide on how to paint wooden and metallic frames if you do not know how to paint.

Don’t leave an empty frame empty

In personalizing your picture frame, do not leave any space empty, especially if it is a gift. Temporarily frame something. For instance, you can elect to frame a hand-written note rather than framing a card. Another fun way is asking a child to draw a special picture. Frame this picture and see how adorable it would look.

Just for the fun of it, you can choose to frame a photo of a celebrity or a sheet of stickers for a kid.

Frame your gift

Frame your gift

Framing gets more interesting if you intend to give it out as a gift. You can make it an extra that is put as a part of a gift. The frame can later be used by the recipient to commemorate the gift they received. You can personalize the frame of anything relatively small; doing this with gift cards or lottery tickets is a good idea.


There you have it, your very own personalized picture frame. You do not need to be a professional before you can customize a picture frame by yourself. It is not always necessary that you have something in the frame; it could be empty. What is needed is that you use your creative skills when customizing and personalizing the frame.

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