Direct Printing

Our Mission

Providing access to high caliber visual display products and services that are demanded by today’s leading brands and organizations. 


We offer artisan finished corner frames, joined empty frames, chopped and unjoined frames, lengths of uncut moulding, and boxes for bulk sales. 
One of the true hallmarks of a quality frame is a finished corner. The artisans at Wilson are among the most experienced in the industry. 
We fabricate custom acrylic boxes specifically for fine art applications. We can work with any kind of acrylic and can produce boxes of any size.
We offer a number of high resolution stock imagery from wildlife to cityscapes, available for Facemounts & Printing, Small or Large.


Custom Framing

Being the original manufacturer and distributor, our clients range from retailers and galleries to design professionals. 

Custom & Wide Format Printing

We offer a variety of substrate prints to fit all your printing and photo mounting needs, up to 126″ Wide! Nothing is too big for us!

Custom Projects

We are a manufacturing firm experienced with design professionals and businesses to produce items to their exact specifications. 

Artwork Reproduction

High resolution scanning and photography along with out digital printing service, offers the reproduction of artworks, of any and all sizes.

Acrylic Facemounts

Modern and sleek, Custom face mounting is a perfect alternative to traditional framing of artworks and photographs. 

Substrate Mounts

In addition to our face mounting services, PaintBox also provides mounting of work to a number of different substrates.

Our Clients

Be it an original Liechtenstein or a run of Picasso reproductions, our satisfied clientele includes The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Yale University, The Whitney, LVMH, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Hilton Worldwide, The United States Navy, dozens of fine art galleries (references upon request), Sweetgreen, and many, many more.

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