How to Choose the Right Frame and Matting for Artwork

How to Choose the Right Frame and Matting for Artwork

The frame and matt you use for your artwork are very important for your piece to stand out. Matting protects the prints of your photo, and the beautification of it while framing does not only protect your matted piece but also enhances the art or photo itself.

Asides from the aesthetic characteristics of frames, there are odd things to watch out for when picking the right frame; such that paves way for certain factors that overtime, will affect your artwork or photo, you must be ready to solve this issue beforehand by picking the right frame.

Both the matting and the framing around a work of art determine the final details of the element that enhances and completes a masterpiece, showcasing it to their onlookers. In this post, you will get to know how to choose the right Matts and frames for your artwork.

How to choose the right Matting

How to choose the right Matting

Matting always provides sufficient volume so that your eye can view the art more accurately and not get limited by the frame if you use a thick frame. Fortunately, there are few tips to follow if you want to pick the right matt for your artwork.

The kind of archival Matt boards you choose will go a long way in protecting your artwork for a long period of time. You must be careful of using the matt that will later in the long run damage your artwork because of the materials they are made of.

Matts are in three types that you can rightly choose the kind that suits your requirements the best. There are paper mats, rag mats, and Alfa matt. What makes them different from one another is the level of acid in them.

Paper Matts:

This is the type of matt that is made of pulps of paper. They are not as expensive as other matt types. They are used with some frames that are attached to the matt.

The problem with this matt is that it has a lot of acid in it therefore, it is the reason you see observable brown colors at the edges of the frame.

As a result, this type of matt can destroy the artwork as the acid leaks damaging fluids to it. A white paper Matt can be clearly spotted by observing the canted edge at which the piece of art is affixed. It can not look pure white, it is brownish.

Alpha Matt:

This is also known as Cellulose matt, These types of matts are made of wood cellulose, and they are treated chemically to destroy all forms of acid that cause damages to artwork over time.

Rag Matt

A rag mat is the best of all three types of mats, they are naturally free of acid. Since they are made of cotton, they are acid-free, and there is no discoloration in their cut edges, they remain pure white for an infinite amount of time.

Rag matts are what you should go for, even in museums, these matts are used because they are popular for keeping artworks safe. If you want to protect your beautiful piece of art, get a matt from a professional, ensure he doesn’t opt for the acidic mat. You have the right to choose the best mat.

Choosing the Right Frame

When choosing the right frame, you have to consider the following;
Color, Material & Style

Because frames are readily obtainable in different designs, therefore, there are endless choices. Always remember that both frame and artwork are viewed at the same time and because of this, the frame and the artwork must complement each other.

Even though it is relevant to pick a frame that is no less suitable for your piece of art, frames that are almost the same as the color of the artwork or frames with excessive decoration must be constantly avoided.

A frame can bring forth an artwork and make it look more presentable, take for instance you use dark frames with low contrast. It will look perfect on light fine art printings, paintings, or photos with white background.

The black frame will improve the quality and vibrancy of the art or photo and befit the state of your room thereby making the artwork stand out above every other thing.

Choosing the Right Frame to Match Your Prints.

Prints are affordable and accessible mediums used to occupy wall space. To choose the right frames for your photo prints, deliberately observe the range of colors available in the print. Use that to decide the frame color that will match the print, preferably, the dominant spectrum of color will be the best choice.

Choosing the Right Frame for Drawings and Illustrations

Due to the medium with which your drawings are being made — such as charcoals, pastels, or graphites — these artworks will look great if they are framed mounted, or matted.

Choosing the Right Frame for Oil Paintings

Choosing the Right Frame for Oil Paintings

Oil paintings have been in existence for a long time, and it has been one of the most popular art forms all over the world. Before you frame an oil painting, you must first understand all its varying characteristics.

Oil, paintings dry through oxidation, unlike acrylics, which dries with the evaporation of water. An oil painting that seems completely dry may not be completely dry no matter how long especially if the layers are thick on the canvass, it may even crack sometimes.

There are many ways to frame an oil painting. One factor to note is that the dominant color is what to watch out for, when you pick the right frame, it will complement the artwork as a whole.

Oil paintings make room for bulky frames, but considering the weight of the painting and the wooden frame, you must be thoughtful when looking for the perfect location for it.

Avoid the use of glass when framing an oil painting as this may cause a moderate degree of wetness behind the glass. Oil paintings may cause the rotting of the canvases since the painting can hardly breathe due to insufficient dry air.


Choosing the type of material to use in your artwork is something to be careful about. All artworks, irrespective of their medium, will undergo unfavorable changes if they are exposed to excessive conditions such as heat, high acidity from wrong matt choice, and humidity. Therefore, ensure accuracy in choosing the right medium for your art.

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