How to Hang Picture Frames Straight

How to Hang Picture Frames Straight

Finding where to hang a picture on the wall is the first challenge that you face when trying to put one up. However, this is not the only issue you are faced with, another equally challenging task is trying to keep picture frames straight on a wall. Having a crooked picture frame up on the wall can be annoying.

Let’s say that you have selected the appropriate picture frame for your art, and you have chosen the right spot for it; constantly pushing and adjusting one corner of the frame so that it levels is something you do not want to be doing. Instead of trying so hard by adjusting and readjusting your picture frames, use the tips below to hang your picture frames straight.

1. Use the right hanging kit

Use the right hanging kit

There come a lot of hanging kits that work well for picture frames. Getting your picture frame straight up on the wall depends on using the right hanging kit. Therefore, you must buy the right one. One example of such is the Sawtooth hanging kits.

The Sawtooth hanging kit is an easy-to-use hanging kit. However, it must be used properly to avoid crooked picture frames. If used improperly, the picture frame can become loose and fall to the floor or even break. Sawtooth hangers should be used on light in weight and relatively small-sized picture frames only. For the picture frame to stay up straight on the wall, use a hanging kit that is not more than 1 feet at its longest side.

You will find good hanging kits for both wood and metal frames. Select the appropriate one for your picture frame. With the right hanging kit, you do not need to stress yourself trying to make sure that your picture frames are straight when you put them up on the wall.

2. Use two hooks, not one

When hanging your picture frame up on the wall, the problem begins when you make use of just a single nail or hook to hang the wire. It is more common for the frame to move or glide around if you use only one nail or hanging hook. To ensure that your picture frame does not slide and move around on the wall, use two hooks or nails to which you attach the hanging wire.

Should it be the case that you are using a sawtooth hanger, choose to use two instead of one — this is to make sure that the frame remains straight. Sawtooth hangers come in both metal and wood versions. You should find enough hardware in the hanging kits you choose to use. Make sure it has got two nails or hooks and use them all.

3. Do not use too much slack

A picture frame with too much wire is more likely to move around more than necessary. The ideal length of the hanging wire should be just about the required length for the two hooks and your picture frame. It will tilt either forward or skew to the sides if it is too long; however, a wire that is too short can damage the frame and its contents as a result of the tension.

Use the wire to create a nearly straight line across the frame. However, it should not be so tight as it would cause tension on the edges of the frame.

4. Use the wall bumpers

Use the wall bumpers

Wall bumpers are arguably the most essential item that is part of most hanging kits. It is required when you desire to hang your picture frame straight. These wall bumpers are small and clear circular rubber buttons having an adhesive back. It is stuck to the back of the frame corners to offer protection to the wall from damage. Their gummy texture will make them stick to the wall without causing damage to the surface. But there is more the wall bumper does; they help keep the frame steady and prevent it from sliding around.

5. Use the anchor points

The anchor points are just like the wall bumpers; they stick to the bottom corners of your frames. The anchor points, when pushed to the wall, will help keep the picture frame straight. They also protect the frame from a dusty and busy household.

The hanging kit should come with a screw head supplied with the anchor. Before the anchor is installed, ensure that it fits the keyhole slot. At each mark, drill holes for the anchor and then mount the anchors to the wall. Allow the screws to protrude so that the keyhole slides over them. Adjust the screws until it is tightly fitted.

Simple Steps to Help You Hang Picture Frames Straight

Step 1: If the frame has two brackets on the back, put a piece of painter’s tape across the back. Make a mark of the point where the screws and nails need to go.

Step 2: Take the tape that you just marked and place it on the wall, right where you want to hang the pictures. Use a level to make your tape straight.

Step 3: If you want to put up two picture frames next to each other, repeat the same process for the second frame. Ensure that the strips of the tap are level with one another.

Step 4: Put in the nails on the dots you have already marked.

Step 5: Take away your tape and hang your picture frame, it should be level.
Important Tools for Hanging Picture Frames straight

Below are some important tools that will help you hang your picture frame straight.

  • 4-in-1 screwdriver
  • Drill bit set
  • Hammer
  • Cordless drill
  • Level
  • Stud finder
  • Stapler
  • Tape measure
  • Scissors, needle, and thread.
  • Laser level


Any sort of household disturbance such as bumping onto the wall or slamming the door may cause a picture frame to shift and bend to one side. However, it does not have to be that way. You do not have to keep adjusting it every other time. To make sure that your picture frame stays perfectly straight right up on the wall, follow the steps discussed above. Some hanging steps can be damaging to the wall, and others could just be temporary fixes. With the options available to you, carefully chose the one that will eliminate the problem of a tilted picture.

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