What kind of Picture Frames are Right for your Office?

What Kind Of Picture Frames Are Right For Your Office_

Good working conditions are not just about having the right equipment and resources to get the job done. The environment in which you walk in every day for work also matters. Regardless of the nature of the company, or even a home office, the office décor should set a positive mood for working. It is also a way through which you communicate to the visitors and clients walking in daily. Framed wall pieces can help add the right touch to an office’s interior design. The following are some picture framing trends well suited for the office scene.

Company’s Brand

One of the key elements of office interior design is brand promotion. This is the easiest place to get your inspiration for your framed wall pieces. Before going ahead to use your time in sourcing for artwork and photos, simply do framing of the company’s logo. Framed wall pieces are also a chance to communicate what your company stands for in terms of culture and core beliefs. You can also have the color of the picture frame molding to match that of the company’s brand colors.

Promotional Content

On top of communicating what the company is all about, you also need to showcase what you do. Take advantage of framed wall pieces for this. You can frame posters with company ads that detail the services offered by the company. Acrylic frames are suitable for this. You may go a step further by visually showcasing this with photographs of previously done work. For instance, if you are a landscaping company, you may frame pictures of landscapes that you have worked on before. Even better, you can use shadow box frames to frame actual items. An example is framing customized t-shirts in the case of a customizing company.

Company Achievements and Milestones

Company achievements can be a source of inspiration for their employees. You can put your accomplishments in picture frames and hang them around the office to create a winning environment. An office picture framing trend is the framing of awards attained by the company. Have this in a simple shadow box frame or a floater frame to draw the attention to the award.

You may also use photo montages to commemorate major company ceremonies such as grand openings and retirement parties. Another framing idea is to use wall pieces to mark certain milestones such as anniversaries or invitation to major events in the industry. You can frame almost anything that you feel is worth celebrating including press articles, features, and many more.

Office Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is always a great idea for adding some visual appeal to a room. If you have a bare office wall, you can engage it with some photos to form a gallery wall. A great way to do this is to have the gallery wall take up a certain subject matter. An idea is to have a wall of fame to recognize some of the exceptional previous or current employees. For a small company, you could also choose to have a team gallery wall to incorporate every employee accompanied by a short bio for each. A vintage themed gallery wall detailing the history of the company or its industry is also a prevailing office picture framing trend.

For a feeling of grounding and consistency, have the individual pieces in the gallery wall stick to the same color and framing style. For this, also go with simple contemporary picture frame moldings.

A gallery wall will be a nice way to engage an empty office corridor, the company entrance, or simply any other wall around the office. However, be sure not to overdo it to avoid making the office look overcrowded.

Oversized Wall Pieces

Instead of many small pieces, you can use one extremely large framed wall piece to bring life to an office room. This is suitable for rooms where you do not want to add too much detail but give the room a focal point. An example is the conference room or break room. Alternatively, a picture framing trend is to have an oversized print broken down into smaller pieces which are then brought together to form some sought of a puzzled-together piece. Framed abstract fine art prints surrounded by minimalistic picture frame moldings will be ideal for this kind of office wall pieces.


Office interior design is mostly about purposeful artwork. On top of the aesthetic effect that a certain piece will bring to the room, it should also pertain to the company’s purpose. Therefore, the framed wall pieces that you choose for the office should be stylish, yet inspiring. The above office picture framing trends will guide you with this.

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