What to Look for When Purchasing Frames in Bulk?

What To Look For While Purchasing Frames In Bulk_

For one reason or the other, you may find yourself requiring to make a bulk order for frames. This could be for commercial or corporate reasons such as an art show or for your personal use in the event where you need to frame a bunch of photos, say wedding photos. Unlike ordering for a single frame which tends to be a bit more straightforward, purchasing frames in bulk will require more thought and planning. As you liaise with your preferred bulk framing shop, here are some of the things to look out for as you make a bulk order for your frames.


Measurements are key with any kind of frame purchasing. This is all the more when it comes to purchasing frames in bulk. The wrong measurement is this case will be of great inconvenience as it means getting the frame size wrong for an entire set of frames. Having to replace your order will come at a great cost.

Hence, to avoid this, you need to be extremely keen and thorough as you measure the pieces that you intend for framing. To be on the safe side, do several rounds of the same for maximum accuracy before going ahead to place your order with a bulk framing shop.

The Frame Sizes

Ordering several frames could mean ordering the same frame size for uniformly sized pieces or different frames sizes for artwork and photographs that vary in terms of their sizes. The former case calls for a simple process of getting only one measurement to fit all.

The contrary case, however, will require several measurements of which different considerations need to be made for each frame size. You, therefore, need to organize your order in a way that will avoid confusion as much as possible. To simplify things, you could choose to separate the order into multiple ones for each size category.

The Types of Frame and Covering

Depending on the intended purpose, you need to think about the type of picture frame moldings to be used for your pieces. This is because what you decide to go with will affect other factors such as time and cost. You, therefore, need not overdo it if it’s not necessary.

If the purpose does not make aesthetics a priority, as in the case of corporate use, you may go for simple picture frame moldings. If the pieces are meant for short term use, you do not have to invest in high-quality materials for the same.

However, more thought needs to go into it in cases such as art shows or interior design where the final look matters. Here, you may go with more decorated picture frame moldings to make the eventual pieces visually appealing. This is, although, keeping in mind that it will cost you more.

Also, consult with your bulk framing shop on the best cover for your pieces depending on their purpose and where they are meant to be placed.

The timeline

Is there a deadline for when the framing should be done? If so, you need to put into account when it is due. This is due to the fact that bulk framing orders will require some time. You, therefore, need to make sure that you make your order early enough to give your bulk framing shop enough time to complete the work in time. If you are ordering remotely, then you should factor in the shipping duration.

Pricing and Discount

The fact that you are placing a bulk order means that the costs involved are already high. Therefore, any efforts to reduce these costs is are warranted. This will involve doing some comparisons to find out the bulk framing shops offering the best prices. You should especially look out for those that give discounts for larger orders. If your preferred bulk framing shop does not have any offers, you could try and negotiate with them for discounts.


Now that your frames are done, you need to figure out how they will reach their intended destination while still in good condition. Due to the size of the order, proper arrangements need to be done for this. The bulk framing shop should firstly ensure that they are well packaged to avoid any damages during transportation. Then, find out if they do deliveries. If the cost for this is too high or you can find better means, then you could cater to the transportation yourself.

The purchase of frames in bulk is something that needs proper planning both logistically and financially. To ensure that your bulk order is catered to according to specification, on time, and according to budget, you need to pick a suitable bulk framing shop. This, together with the above tips will help you go about it in the best way possible.

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