Types Of Acrylic Products & Their Applications

Types Of Acrylic Products & Their Applications

Acrylic is synthetically manufactured glass-like clear, transparent plastic. It is a versatile material and finds its application in the manufacture of a wide range of products that are really getting popular nowadays. A recent study stated that the demand for acrylic products is increasing at a faster pace within a short span of time. It is also assumed that acrylic products would be replacing most of the products that are made from rubber, wood, or metallic substance.

Acrylic sheets: The acrylic sheets are one type of acrylic product that is getting popular nowadays. Acrylic sheets find their applications in the picture framing industry. These acrylic sheets are just amazing. They are lightweight, thin, and strong and are mostly used for protecting surfaces. You can get different types of acrylic sheets for picture framing.

Clear Acrylic Sheet: It is a standardized acrylic product that is commonly used for framing applications. It is also affordable and the least expensive of the acrylic family. The clear acrylic sheet provides 92% light transmission with an optically clear image. It is best for the work where there is a requirement of proper glazing and the need for a transparent physical barrier.

Frame Grade  Acrylic Sheet: It finds its application in the production work where there is a requirement of higher quality control that will eliminate the imperfections within the sheets.

Non-Glare Acrylic: Yet another popular option just for the picture framing industry. It is used to provide a slight texture on the surface and assists in reducing the surface glare.

Abrasion Resistant Acrylic: It is best for providing a hard coating on acrylic sheets to prevent small scale surface scratches.

UltraViolet Filtering Acrylic: This acrylic product finds its application in protecting the pictures and artwork from being damaged by the harmful UV rays. It is expensive and fragile.

Optimum Museum Grade Acrylic: Abrasion-resistant, UV filtering, anti-static, and anti-reflective, resulting in quite possibly the most complete option for acute preservation.

Acrylic frames: Acrylic frames such as braced acrylic frames, labeled acrylic frames, portal acrylic frames, round acrylic frames, open acrylic frames are quite stronger and they can make more impact than any other frames made from conventional materials like wood, paper, etc.

Acrylic Display Box:  Exhibitions, retail outlets, and business expos require setting up perfect imperative displays that would attract the public The acrylic display boxes or cases happen to be one of the most popular as well as widely accepted arrangements. Acrylic display cases or boxes are durable, and can be easily customized to meet the requirements of the customers. Acrylic display boxes find their application in wall mountings and museums or exquisite showrooms where the valuable products are placed securely in the acrylic boxes.

Acrylic Display Stand: Basically acrylic display stands to impart a professional and crystal clear look. The acrylic display stands are weather resistant and a perfect option to display products inside or out. These acrylic stands are also available in a variety of colors, features, and shapes. Although the see-through stands are most common, it is possible to use a different color acrylic stand that would complement the product.

Acrylic Sign Holder: Appropriate signage is an essential part of the in-store experience for prospective customers. Generally, signage is important for restaurants, large grocery stores, retail shops, and many other places. Signage helps the customers to be informed regarding the pertinent information and make the shopping experience enjoyable. What could be the best material used for signage? Acrylic Sign Holder.

Acrylic sign holders are clear, lightweight, durable products and can be easily placed anywhere you want.


Acrylic material and its subsequent products are becoming popular these days because of its characteristic features. Acrylic material is known to maintain optical clarity and does not become yellow with age. There are innumerable applications of acrylic material as they are resistant to UV light, durable, and lightweight.

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