Treat Your Frame With Care

Treat Your Frame With Care

The picture frame hanging on your wall is likely to be among your most treasured items in the house. It is, however, easily neglected once it is up there. Just like every other household item, your frame needs to be well taken care of to maintain its freshness and aesthetic. Failure to do so will leave it worn out due to dirt build-up, use of wrong cleaning techniques, and even deformation due to its environment. Here are some frame care tips to help you steer clear of all this.

Proper Cleaning of the Frame

Picture frame moldings come in various designs, finishes as well as materials. You, therefore need to keep this in mind during cleaning. This is because different frame types require different kinds of frame care. Most picture frames are molded from wood and metal. Doing a thorough dusting every so often will keep your frames generally clean and dust-free. Nonetheless, this might not get rid of more persistent dirt making it necessary for you to do a more detailed cleaning.

  • Metal

Metal picture frame moldings vary in type, for example, silver, gold, and aluminium, all requiring specific cleaning materials. For this reason, you should consult with your frame provider on the best suitable cleaning materials and frame care methods for your type of metal frame. Still, a slightly damp cloth should work just fine for most of them. If you find it dirtier, you may add a little bit of gentle soap.

  • Wood

Use a soft damp rag or paper towel to give a wooden picture frame molding a gentle clean. You can add a tiny bit of dust cleaner on the cloth for a varnished wooden frame. Avoid this for non-lacquered ones as it might lead to some discoloration. Also, if your wooden frame has a finish, it is likely to fade with time. You might, therefore, consider getting some wood polish for that. However, first, consult a professional about this to avoid doing more harm than good.

Proper Cleaning of the Glazing

The frame covering is usually clear making it even more obvious when dirty due to dust or smudges from other stains such as fingerprints. Due to this, it should be cleaned every other time. Nowadays, most frames come with an acrylic glaze rather than the traditional glass one. This type of glazing is more sensitive as compared to normal glass. As a result, some care needs to be applied during cleaning.

  • Use of microfiber cloth

Unlike glass which can withstand most materials, an acrylic gaze is more sensitive to scratching. To avoid this, stick to a microfiber cloth during cleaning. If your picture frame does not come with one, you can get one at an online or department store. Use it to gently wipe the acrylic cover. If this is not enough, you may add a small amount of water and dry soap.

  • Use Ammonia-free Solutions

If you prefer not to use water and soap, you may dampen the cloth with a little amount of glass cleaner. It is, however, paramount that you keep off ammonia-based solutions. This is because acrylic covers suffers corrosion due to ammonia which will force you to replace the entire frame.

Thorough Cleaning

In addition to the above frame care, it is important that you give your frame a more thorough cleaning every once in a while. To do this, you want to dismantle your frame and give each part a comprehensive cleaning. Be sure to place the constituents on a clean surface that is free from dust. Leave them to dry completely before reassembling them. You may seek professional help for this if you are not too sure about how to go about it.

Be Keen on How and Where you Place it

Picture frames tend to react to their surroundings. Their nature does not allow them to be able to withstand the harsh conditions of the outdoors. Still, you need to be conscious of where you place it inside your home. Most frames will not do well with too much humidity such as in the bathroom or heat such as in the kitchen. Such conditions make them more susceptible to warping. They should, therefore, be placed in a neutral environment. Your hanging technique will also play a key role in your frame’s condition over time.

Caution When Moving

In case you have to move your picture frame, you need to be cautious of how you package it for transportation. Use Cardboard Cover Protection (CPP) to shield it against damages. Also, if possible, pick a transportation method that will ensure minimal shaking.


Even though it comes off as low maintenance, caring for your frames is highly essential. Follow this simple and straightforward frame care guide to help you with this. This way, you will get to enjoy having your wall pieces years and years down the line.

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