Stylish Picture Frame Mouldings You’ll Love

Stylish Picture Frame Mouldings You'll Love

Do you love decorating your living room hall with artwork? If yes, then you might have explored the huge collection of picture frames that enhance the look of your artwork. Have you ever tried to use stylish moulding? With stylish and classy decoration, you can increase your home’s value in many significant ways. Your home is an intact asset of your precious belongings. Your home provides leisure and tranquility which is matchless to any part of the world. Being a homeowner, you might have thought about manifesting the paradise and adorn it with mouldings. Stylish mouldings are used to add charm and fascination to the home’s interior design.

Stylish Picture Frame Mouldings You'll Love

What Is Picture Frame Moulding?

Generally, moulding refers to the process of forming an object by shaping and manipulating specific material using moulding. As you might have known that the picture frame moulding can come in many finishes and different grades, but the essential part is choosing the best one for decorating your artworks. Most often the picture frame mouldings have magnificent finishes on them and make them an art form in themselves. Picture frame moulding usually comes in wood, plastics, and metals with wood being the most sought out material to make a frame.

Professional picture framers would offer you different types and styles of picture frame moulding to choose from.

How To Decide On the Right Moulding For The Artwork

If you want to choose the best frame for your room, then you must focus on picture frames and moulding. There are different types of moulding available on the market such as glaze moulding, Italian prime moulding, Maison moulding, Oakwood moulding, Metropolis moulding, Country Colors moulding, and Vogue moulding. Among all these, Italian Prime Moulding is one of the most excellent options for those who are looking for a great quality frame for their sleek interior design at an affordable rate. Glaze moulding is also quite popular, as it offers protection against all elements. The Country Colors category of moulding comes with different choices of colors ranging from marshmallow white to charcoal black. The Metropolis moulding is great for any business space as well as homes. If you need something that will add a great value to your picture, then Maison moulding is the best option.

Consider Matte Black or Natural Wood Moulding for Business Needs

If you are looking for an ideal moulding option for framed business photos, then matte black moulding or the natural wood moulding can be two stellar contenders. Matte black moulding is ideal for a contemporary or modern aesthetic. It is subtle yet also be bold while exuding elegance and class. It has a very sophisticated look which can be great for your business needs. On the other hand, natural wood moulding is a common type of moulding but can go really well with all types of decors and interior designs. You can choose whether you want a smooth or painted finish or grainy texture. You will feel the warmth and elegance of the natural wood with this moulding option. These two types will really complement the sophisticated professionalism of business offices or workspaces.

Plain And Elegant Picture Frame Mouldings:

If you choose a plain and simple, flat, square, or chunky wood moulding, then it will give a contemporary look and feel to your images or artwork. They are by far considered the most popular choices for today’s tastes. At professional picture framing and moulding shops such as Wilson Moulding, you can get natural wood veneers along with simple blacks and whites in glossy, matt, satin, and grainy textured finishes.

Beautiful Pastel Shades Mouldings :

These subtly colored mouldings add a vintage look to the artwork. If you are looking forward to having a contemporary look for modern houses, then this could also be used for a shabby chic frame.

Fancy Moulding For Decorative Artwork:

You can get a wide range of vivid, vibrantly colored mouldings for those a little bolder who wants to make a statement with their art or photos. Great for a child’s bedroom or nursery too!

Sticking with Tradition?

Sometimes a bit of tradition with some antique effect highlights really brings out the best in a piece of artwork or a photograph. The picture framing industry provides a huge collection of mouldings with a traditional profile, ranging from antique pine through various rich shades of dark woods, walnuts, and teaks through to silver and gold-leaf.


Picture frame mouldings would make spectacular gifts that are suitable for all sorts of occasions. You can choose ornate, heavily embellished furniture, or hardwood moulding that would be suitable for custom picture frames. If you do not prefer the heavy metallic look, then try out a blond wood picture frame with dark stained mouldings. It will easily blend with the modern-day interior decor. Custom picture frame mouldings from Wilson Mouldings can be used to frame photographs, artwork, and a variety of other objects. If the frame is bewitching enough, it can even stand alone. You can even hang the picture frames without backings. It came into fashion several years ago and has been a popular decorating statement ever since.

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