Save The Memories You Made During The Lockdown With Custom Picture Frames

Save The Memories You Made During The Lockdown With Custom Picture Frames

The one good thing about the lockdown following the COVID-19 pandemic is being around friends and family. With all that time spent with your loved ones, you are bound to have made some new memories. It is important that you capture these moments and relive them in the future. Even better, you can frame them to act as pieces of decoration and for remembrance purposes. As you do so, you may want to consider going the custom framing way. Here is why custom picture frames will be ideal for your treasured lockdown moments.

Get Quality Frames

When it comes to framing your lockdown memories, you want to be keen on the tools and techniques that are going to be used in making the frame. Makers of custom picture frames usually make them from scratch where they apply their skills to ensure that they come up with a quality frame. This is unlike prefabricated frames which are likely developed for mass production. Hence, they tend to focus more on the quantity of the frames than the quality. With custom picture frames, you are guaranteed to enjoy your wall pieces for years.

Protect Your Photographs

As you frame your precious photographs with your friends and family, you want to ensure that they are well-protected. Typical frames are usually made with low-quality materials that have high levels of acidity. This may end up ruining your valuable pieces. This is because the acid may eventually leak into your artwork and cause it to fade or yellow.

Custom picture frames on the other hand use museum quality materials. This goes from archival mat boards to the photo mounting boards and even the picture frame moldings, all of which will help preserve their quality. By using custom picture frames, your valuable pieces will remain intact for years to come.

Give your Frames a Personalized Touch

One of the greatest advantages of custom picture framing is that you end up with personalized picture frames. With prefabricated frames, they are usually already finished to the last detail. Hence, you would have to settle for what is there. This is unlike with custom picture frames where a frame is made from scratch. This gives you the chance to specify each detail of the frame.

You will be able to choose everything from the design of the picture frame molding, materials, colors, etc. Hence, as you pick a frame that will go well with your photographs, you will also be able to add details to go with your d├ęcor and also bring out your personal style.

Get Professional Advice

As you go about framing your lockdown memories, you will find that it is not that simple. As such, you are likely to be having a lot of questions regarding the best way to frame these photographs. Ready-made frames being sold at the store are most likely sold separately from the manufacturers.

As you do not want to make any blunders, custom picture frames will be a good option for you. Here, you will get to interact with the makers of the frame directly. This way, you can get any clarification that you may need. The manufacturer will be able to advise you on the best way to frame your photographs. This will also make it easy for you to resolve any issues with the final product.

Have a Wide Selection

Another great thing about custom picture framing is that you will have plenty of options at your disposal. Sticking with what is available at the store can be very limiting. This is not the case with custom picture frames. For instance, you will have a wide variety of materials that you can use for your frames. You can also specify different finishes for your picture fame moldings whether it is glossy, matte, textured, etc.

Unlike ready-made frames that mostly come in neutral colors, you can pick any color that you would like to go on your frames. You will also have several options when it comes to the matting. You will also be able to experiment with different designs and even shapes. You will as well not be limited in terms of the size of the piece. This is because your custom picture frame can be made to fit even the oddest of sizes.

The difference between custom picture frames and standard ones can matter greatly. This is especially when it comes to framing special photos. This way, you will be ensuring the best for your treasured lockdown memories.

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