Right Length Moulding For Your Picture Frame

Right Length Moulding For Your Picture Frame

While buying picture frames, have you ever paid attention to what type of moulding you would need or what would be the length of the moulding for your frames? The moulding you choose for your picture frames must go with its color, design, and texture and should not look out of place. Sometimes, determining the right length of moulding can appear as a daunting task. However, you have to make precise calculations in order to select the correct length of moulding. This process involves measuring the dimension of your frame and factoring it in the desired width of your picture frame moulding.

It is essential to get the right length of picture frame moulding because they play a vital role in bringing out the beauty of the picture. Moreover, with the right choice of moulding you can make your artwork look like an ornamental piece on the wall. 

But how will you determine the right length of the picture frame moulding? Is there a formula that needs to be used? Let’s check it out.

Learn To Determine The Length Of The Outside Edge Of Your Picture Frame

First of all, to get the right length of moulding, you would require a few measurements. You should start by measuring the size of your artwork – which means you need to know the height and width of the artwork you are going to frame. So simplifying the process let’s call the height of your frame as “H” and the width of your frame as “W.”

Now you have both the quantities, you must add the two measurements together and multiply that number by two. 

For instance, if you are framing a print or a canvas of the sizes 13 and 15 then the calculation will go as – 13×15, you will add 13 and 15 to get 28. Then multiply that number by two to get 56. The final result you get is the total length of your frame.

The formula for the length of your frame:

2(H + W) = Total length of your frame

Example for a frame that is 13×15″:  

2(13 + 15) = 56

The Next Step In Knowing The Right Length Of The Moulding

Once you have known the length of the frame, you need to measure the width of the moulding. It is the exact amount the moulding would add to the length as well as the width of the frame. 

First of all, make a cut of a 45-degree angle on the moulding to create a miter joint. These joints would be the corners of your frame. By cutting the moulding angles, you are losing the width of the moulding. You have to factor these measurements into your calculations to determine the total length of moulding for picture framing. How? Let’s check it out!

Each piece of your moulding will have two cuts on a 45-degree angle. You have to account for all eight cuts to properly measure the length of your picture frame moulding. To do this, multiply the width of your moulding by eight. For example, if you are using a 2″ moulding, you multiply two and eight to get 16.

The formula to account for the width of your moulding:

8 x Width of Moulding = Considerations for miter joints

Example with for 2″ moulding:

8 x 2 = 16

Put Your Two Calculations Together

Now, all that’s left to do is put these two formulas together to determine the right length of moulding for your picture framing. Just add the two numbers you calculated together to get your total length for picture framing.

Complete Formula:

2(H + W) + 8(Width of Moulding) = Total length of moulding

Example for an 13×15″ print with a 2″ moulding:

2(13 + 15) + 8(2) = 72 inches

Once you have your total length for your picture frame moulding, you should add a few extra inches. This extra length will provide a cushion in case you make a mistake while cutting angles for your frame.

Understanding How To Uncomplicate The Process

If this seems like a complicated process, that’s because it is. Picture framing requires exact measurements and a steady hand to create a frame that perfectly fits your artwork. Wilson Moulding has experts when it comes to picture framing, including moulding, equipment, and processes.

Wilson Moulding knows everything there is to know about picture framing, selecting the best moulding, and choosing the right length for your moulding. You can visit the website, as it is your best resource for finding the right moulding for your picture framing needs with plenty of information on various types, sizes, and materials for moulding. If you are looking for top-quality picture framing and valuable information about moulding, Wilson Moulding is your answer. 


When you are furnishing the interiors of your office or home, give equal thought to the paintings on your wall and the picture frame holding the painting. Picture frames should be the right size for your painting to look every inch an original piece of art rather than some fake that you framed. The height and width of the content you are about to frame should be known to you.

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