Reasons to Use Acrylic Boxes For Your Artwork

Reasons to Use Acrylic Boxes For Your Artwork

The way you display your artworks can boost your sales. A good product display can attract buyers. If you display your artworks in a legible and visible manner, your viewers can look into it to the point. This can boost your sales. You can consider using an acrylic box to display your artworks. Acrylic is a firm transparent plastic, which has been in use for many years. Acrylic otherwise called as Lucite and Optix. You can enjoy many advantages by using a Lucite box to display your pictures and artworks.

The forthcoming points will let you know the reasons to use the acrylic boxes for displaying your artwork.

• Clarity

As I said that acrylic is a transparent plastic. It allows your buyers or visitors to view what is inside the box in a clear and legible fashion. The acrylic display boxes do not reflect light. This means that these boxes will not manipulate the look of your artworks. These boxes do not fade and turn yellow with years of usage. You can visit the reputed acrylic display case manufacturers to buy the best acrylic cases.

• Weather Resistant

Acrylic display cases are perfect for home windows. Acrylic is resistant to weather and can retain color. This is why acrylic letters are used in outdoor signs. Acrylic boxes are not affected or damaged by light, so it can retain the color of your artwork. They are resistant to Ultra-Violet light. Without being bothered about the weather and lighting effects, you can use acrylic boxes for displaying your artworks.

• Lightweight and Durable

Acrylic display cases are lightweight, so moving them from one place to another place would not be difficult. In addition to that, you do not need to worry about the accident falls of the Acrylic display cases, as they are durable.

• Best Alternative To Glass

It is needless to mention that handling glass items is difficult always, as even a little crack in the glass can bring some injuries. Acrylic display cases provide the same visibility and legibility what the glass does. Added benefits are that they are lighter than glass and easy to handle. Reputed and professional acrylic fabricators can provide you high-quality acrylic boxes.

• Products Can be Viewed From Any Angle

Acrylic display cases let the buyers view the merchandise from any angle, as they are clear on all sides. This particular ability of Acrylic display cases remains useful to those that want to display their artworks in the best manner.

• Strong

The tensile strength of acrylic is more than 10,000 lbs. per square inch, which is 6 to 17 times greater than normal glass. Even under high impact, acrylic display cases would not shatter. If it does break, it breaks into large pieces. This quality of acrylic display cases serves as an important safety feature to those who use it.

I hope that these reasons have conveyed the importance of using acrylic display cases for displaying your artworks. You just have to visit the right store to buy acrylic cases.


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    As you mentioned, acrylic boxes are transparent, so people will be able to see what is inside the box more clearly. I am looking to keep some artwork that I have safe from children’s fingers. This would be a good durable option, that would seem to last awhile. I will have to do some research, and try to locate some of these boxes.

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