Reasons Acrylic Face Mounting Should Be Used For Your Artwork

Reasons Acrylic Facemounting Should Be Used For Your Artwork

Acrylic Face Mounting was generally used by the great artists and photographers to exhibit their work. But with time, most people have started recognizing the benefits provided by the acrylics face mounting. If you use traditional picture frames, then you won’t be able to get the same clean and modern look for your photographs and artwork. The acrylic face mount is gaining immense popularity because it gives a very modern and vibrant look to the artwork as well as the interior of the house.

What Do You Mean By Acrylic Face Mounting?

Acrylic Face Mounting basically refers to a technique in which an optically clear adhesive is used on the front side of the print, then adhering the print to acrylic. As the front part is protected, the back portion is also protected by the proper backing material.

So now let’s understand why Acrylic Face Mounting should be used for the artwork.

#1 Acrylic Face Mounting Is Considered Great For The Artwork Because It Provides A Clean And Fresh Look

If you wish to frame the artwork that is quite old, then you can opt for acrylic face mounting. It will enhance the dull look of the artwork and freshen it up. Moreover, it will impart a fresh look to the room as well. By making use of the stunning acrylic face mounting you would be able to give a room a clean, fresh feel

#2 Acrylic Face Mounting Is Extremely Light and Simple

If you compare the acrylic face mounting with various other heavy, chunky, metal, or wooden frames, then you would realize that acrylic glass is extremely light to handle. This means that you can easily hang it on the wall without worrying about the artwork you have placed in it. Moreover, it does not require any massive amount of hooks and strings to support the frame.

#3 Acrylic Face Mounting Is Affordable

When you look at the benefits provided by acrylic face mounting, you might think that it would be expensive. But the fact is the acrylic face mounting is affordable.

#4 Acrylic Face Mounting Are Built To Last

When you finalize the artwork with an acrylic face mount, it can increase the durability of the print. Well, there are numerous ways in which the protective layer of the acrylic can help stabilize your artwork. For instance, the acrylics face mounting,

  • Make the artwork waterproof. The outer covering does not let the moisture content to enter and destroy the artwork.
  • Helps in providing protection to the artwork from the strong UV rays of the sun. Providing UV protection.
  • It makes the artwork shatter-resistant, which you won’t find in any other framing material.

#5 Acrylic Face Mounting Are Easy To Clean And Maintain

Generally, you might see that dust particles enter the frames and fade out the artwork. The frames have to be removed again and again to clean them and protect the artwork from getting damaged. But with acrylics face mounting, cleaning and maintaining become quite easy. As the acrylic material is extremely durable, it can easily withstand cleaning products that are designed to make sure the surface stays gleaming and brilliant. Moreover, you can get specialty acrylic cleaning products that are available in the market. These special cleaning products impart a shining look to the acrylic face mounts and make them stand out.

#6 Acrylics Face Mounting Are Used For The Artwork To Make Them Durable

Acrylic is the material that is used in the process of face mounting. As the material is extremely durable, it is popularly used in print material. This also means that it is an investment that will last longer. You can also ensure that the acrylic face mounting is strong so that it won’t break even if the artwork falls down accidentally.

#7 Acrylic Face Mounting Provides Vibrant Look To The Artwork

Well, this is one of the major reasons why people these days choose acrylic face mounting for artwork. The acrylic material that is used offers unparalleled color and vibrancy to the artwork. The artwork looks simply eye-catching and has the potential to keep the visitors engrossed in the beauty.


Acrylic Face Mounting will continue to grow in popularity because people out there love the natural look offered by the acrylics which enhances the beauty of the artwork as well as the wall on which it is displayed. Moreover, acrylic face mounting gives customers an opportunity to display large images on the wall by providing support and durability. You cannot do the same if you are using glass mounting for the large images or artwork. Nowadays, not only fine art collectors but every different type of art lover has accepted face-mounted prints as a viable art medium.

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