Picture Frames: A Great Way to Beautify Hotel Passage

Picture Frames A Great Way To Beautify Hotel Passage

Frequent travelers may have observed a transformation in hotel art over the past decade or so. Hotels have used art to blend their interiors before now. However, the new generation of hotel guest wants more than a good visual object. They now expect social media-worthy content in every corner of the hotel, and what better place to start with than the hotel passage. It is quite disappointing for most guests to stay in a hotel that has poor or no arts at all. Nobody wants to stare at a blank wall. Hotel passages with bare walls feel incomplete no matter how beautiful they are. Some hotel managements understand this need and are now looking to invest in pieces to make a bold statement. Hotel pieces should stand-out, bring a topic for conversation, and make the hotel a more exciting place to stay.

A great piece of art which can be used to create such a unique atmosphere that guest will always be satisfied with is picture frames. Framing not only completes the interior decorations, but it also connects the piece to the wall in which it is being displayed. To make use of them is to create an ambiance that intrigue guests, and leave a good lasting impression. Rotating picture frames every couple of months is an effective way that allows hotels to keep spaces fresh, and offer something new to please their most curious of guests.

Benefits of Picture Frames to Your Hotel

You must have noticed that a large number of people enjoy looking at pictures. A lot of the time, people are unable to stop staring at pictures hanging on the wall; it satisfies their curiosity. However, it is not quite pleasing when the picture is not properly framed. All aspect of life is taken into account when it comes to framing these pictures.

Studies have shown that a hotel guest feels a place more welcoming when the passages and lobby walls are decorated with picture frames. Hotel managements now know the beauty that picture frames curate. It is not out of place to say that beauty transcends beyond physical appearance alone. It encompasses a lot of qualities, with the sum of it all making a very attractive whole. Beautifying your hotel passages with picture frames have the following benefits:

1. It gives warmth and comfort to guests:

One of the major objectives of a hotel is providing an environment of warmth and comfort for its customers. Having picture frames on the walls of your hotel passage does exactly that – providing a comforting environment for your guests and making them feel at ease all through their stay.

2. It makes your photo stand out:

A picture is unarguable more beautiful when they are framed. There is something unique about framing that usually makes the picture impressive. Frame enhances the beauty of a picture and makes it stand out from among other pictures.

3. It beautifies the wall of your hotel passages:

Framed pictures make a statement on the wall of passages. They help to beautify the wall of your hotel passage and make it look visually appealing. Most times, guests find it difficult to explain why they love a particular hotel. A reason may be that they are attracted to the hotel because of its beauty, which in part is as a result of beautifully hanged pictured frames.

4. It creates a memory in the mind of your guest:

Having interesting picture frames in hotels is an exciting trend these days. The good thing about unique picture frames is that it sticks to the mind of a guest months after he or she has left the hotel. They outlast the days spent by the guest in your hotel and serve as a reminder to them about their stay in your hostel.

5. It helps to communicate your values:

Ideally, framed picture art should say something about your hotel values. They should communicate to your guest what your hotel stands for. An understanding of your hotel values will cause guests to behave themselves accordingly when staying in your hotel.

6. It gives a good first impression of your hotel:

First impressions matter a lot, so they say. A well-placed picture frame has a significant impact on guests who visit a hotel for the first time. They give a guest a good first impression of your hotel to the guest. For instance, passage walls with good picture art depict class and elegance.

7. It makes your hotel passage wall to look colorful and attractive:

Framed pictures do not only help to express taste and personality, they also help in making the most boring of spaces look colorful and attractive. We can put it this way: picture frames make things around them come alive.


The effect of framed pictures in hotel passages cannot be overemphasized. They beautify hotel passages and make them look visually appealing. They also have an effect on the guest of your hotel, as it gives them a good first impression of the hotel, comfort while staying in the hotel, and a memory that transcends after they have left your hotel.

There are so many picture frame designs and styles. So, you need to be careful when selecting a picture frame style or design to use in your hotel passage. It is best to use mirrored picture frames in the passages of your hotels. They reflect light and are also attention calling.


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    It sure was nice when you said that framed pictures could make the most boring of spaces look colorful and attractive. As you said, they make everything alive. Actually, I am planning to have our living room renovated, and I wanted it to have a more inviting atmosphere. Maybe, I could have our family portraits through the years framed to easily impress our visitors.

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