Know-How To Choose the Right Frame and Matting

Know-How Choose the Right Frame and Matting

The framing industry is evolving day by day and flooding the market with different types of picture frames. With a wide range of options available to you, you might get overwhelmed with choosing the right frame for your artwork or photos. It becomes even more difficult when you have to make a choice, when you have to define a combo of the right frame and a mat for the artwork. Combining the frames and mouldings with the right kind of mat is a whole process that needs your full attention. One of the main factors when choosing the right frame and mat combo is the picture or artwork itself.

Know-How Choose the Right Frame and Matting

Now you might be wondering how to find the ideal frame and mat that could enhance the beauty of the artwork by imparting elegance. What are the essential points that you need to consider while choosing the right kind of mat and picture frame for the artwork?

You Must Determine The Size Of The Picture:

Well, you might be amazed to know that the size of the picture frame plays a vital part while selecting the picture frames and mats. Generally, for larger-sized artwork, choosing a thin mat border will work best and a thicker mat border would look best with smaller photos or artwork. You can take help from the professional framers to measure the dimensions of the artwork you wish to frame and then move ahead to choose the mat and picture frames. Your suppliers can help you in choosing the best mat by providing various suitable options.

Selecting The Mat Board For The Artwork or Picture:

You would notice that there are seamlessly endless types of frame mat texture that are available in the market. You need to select a contrasting frame color and mat texture to make the artwork look attractive and elegant. With this, you can give more dimensions to the artwork. But if you are matching the color of the frame and mat, it will fade the depth of the artwork or photos.

Make Sure You Have Right Thickness For The Picture Frames:

Matting will act as a protective layer or barrier around your artwork, to protect it from getting damaged by the external factors. Matting imparts an enlarging effect on the framed artwork. If you are using a thin mat, then your picture frame should be bold to enhance the look of the artwork. In case if you want to go with a smaller or thinner picture frame, then the mat should be thicker to support the artwork and add dimension to it.

Determining The Opening Size Of The Mat:

If you wish to determine the opening size of the mat, you need to start by measuring the artwork. You must understand that the mat size should be large enough to at least cover the one-eighth of the space on each side of the artwork. The image size and the opening position should always be calculated before making your final purchase decision.

Emphasizing On The Right Effect:

Professional picture framers provide you with a wide range of matting effects that you can choose to enhance the beauty of your artwork. The matting effect refers to the texture and pattern of the matting material. The best thing would be to use textured or patterned mat boards rather than going for a single color frame mat. With patterned mat, you can add depth to your picture or artwork.

Choosing A Specific Matting And Framing Style

Choosing the right style is extremely crucial since it’s your opportunity to express your personality or personal taste. If you end up matching the color of your frame and mat color, the picture or art piece might lose its subtlety and interest. Instead, try choosing multiple colors for your frame mats, using the color of your actual frame as an accent. When you choose bright for your frame mat(s), your artwork or photos will look much more prominent and stand out on the wall. For something even more unique, try experimenting with two colors as an accent for your frame mat.


While choosing a frame mat for your picture or artwork, it’s important to choose a quality material that will preserve your piece for a long period of time. Keep in mind, you will want to avoid acidic frame mats since they will turn yellow eventually.

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