[How To] Select The Right Length Of Moulding For Your Frame

[How To] Select The Right Length Of Moulding For Your Frame

When you are furnishing the interiors of your office or home, give an equal thought to the paintings on your wall and the picture frame holding the painting. Picture frames should be the right size for your painting to look every inch an original piece of art rather than some fake that you framed. The height and width of the content you are about to frame should be known to you.

A convenient formula to reckon the frame size is brought about in the following two steps:

A convenient formula to reckon the frame size is brought about in the following two steps:

  1. Add the length and width of the canvas you are going to frame.
  2. Multiply the result so obtained by a factor of 2.
  3. Formula : 2( H+W)
    H= Height of the Print
    W= Width of the Print

This is the effective length of the print or canvas.

Determine the Width of the Moulding.

You have to cut a 45 degree angle at the corner of the moulding to create a miter joint and these joints are the corner of your frame. There upon, you will get the width of the molding factored by 8.

Formula: 8 X (width of molding)

Get your two calculations together and you will have on your hand the right length of molding for the picture framing.

The total length of molding is
2(H+W) + 8 ( Width of Molding)= Total length of molding.

With this data in hand, you can add a few inches to your frame in case you make some error in cutting the angles to your frame.

Framed Artwork: Width-

The succeeding formula for the outside width of your framed print artwork equals
(Width of your Print) + 2 (Width of Moulding)

Framed Artwork: height-

The formula for height of the framed artwork equals
(Height of Your Print) + 2 (Width of Moulding)

The entire process may seem a little cumbersome because it is and if you need an exquisite and perfect frame for your famed artwork, you don’t need to look far for WILSON MOULDING is right here to uncomplicate matters. Seek answers to artwork framing with WILSON MOULDING.

What is Picture Frame Moulding:

Moulding is the way toward framing an item by resizing malleable materials or other handy materials that lend themselves easily to shape or controlled materials utilizing a shape. For those of you left pondering, a mold is an emptied out holder that is utilized to offer shape to flimsy and easily manipulated materials. Banal uses for mouldings incorporate furnishings, family unit products, basic materials, but most significantly picture frames.

Picture frames can come in various finds and unmistakable grades. Some picture frame molding has spectacular finishes on them and are identified as a work of art in themselves. Picture frame molding as a rule comes in wood, plastics and metals with wood being the most sought after material to make a frame. You do not need to delve into the intricacies of picture frame moulding when you have experts in the field such as WILSON MOULDING to take care of your end-to-end framing particulars.

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