How To Create A Photo Gallery Wall

How To Create A Photo Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are very attractive, and we all just love them. It is easy to tell why we get inspired just by staring at beautiful displays on the wall. Gallery walls can infuse patterns and colors into space, adding comfort and beauty to a home.

Art lovers would normally display artworks or eye-catching custom-made pictures, which they have collected and excellently match on the wall, making the entire space of the room feel filled with warmth, elegance, color, and affection.

If you are looking to add value and style to your personalized area, a gallery wall might just be what is needed. You opt for your favorite family pictures to tell a story on the wall. You can make it a DIY project; it is not such a big deal. Follow these steps to create a mind-blowing photo gallery wall.

Find Unique Inspirations For Your Photo Wall Story

If you are focused on finding the perfect idea or inspiration when it comes to putting your creativity to work, you should then start by going through those amazing photos in your phone gallery. You cannot stop looking at or those nice fine-art quotes that catch your attention all the time.

Look out for those photos you shared on social media that everyone loved. You can just start by getting custom-made frames to mount those photos right there in your room. It will enhance the decor of your room and make way for a more beautiful feeling. Think of adding a mixture of family photos, vacation moments, your best moments with your daughter, son, or pets.

To create that electrifying gallery wall, you can introduce a particular theme across the photos, such as family-oriented or picturesque. Do not limit your inspirational ideas to just your home. Take it to the office too. Glam up your office wall or cubicle area with well-chosen and cohesive photos of yourself and your family.

Another way you can find inspiration for your gallery is by using a color scale or palette. For bold gallery walls, opt for more colorful artworks or photos during your selection. If you are looking at exhibiting elegance and class in your wall story, select professional photos. It could be your self-portrait or the graduation photos of your children. It will create a timeless appeal on your photo wall.

Be Color Creative

Be Color Creative

Color is very important when creating a gallery wall since it plays a significant role in putting your designs out there for everyone’s admiration. When planning a gallery wall, let color choices be the first to pop into your head since colors can be the leading line, which binds your different creative knowledge together.

You can pick a hot tone from your acrylic photo print to match your acrylic frame, or if the color is bold and attractive, you may want to try displaying your pictures in metallic custom picture frames during your collection. When you have light tones on the photos you wish to create your story wall, present the photographs in subtle and classy frames. White is a great choice.

Consider Placement And Design

After you have sorted out what you want on your gallery wall, you can now focus on how to design them. Be creative while doing this, as you need to pair the photos appropriately with textures and materials that elaborate your style.

Use metallic or wood frames depending on the photo you have selected. You can go as far as customizing an acrylic print or a canvas if you do not just feel like frames could work for you. Acrylic prints mounted on your gallery walls will brighten your gallery space.

Another great idea is selecting a design that matches the context of your picture. For photos full of scenes, you may want to use wooden frames to bring that natural feeling to life. For rather colorful photographs, metallic picture frames will create a bold contemporary look on your gallery wall. For an arty feel, you can print some of your beautiful photos on canvas for a more crafted look.

When it comes to placement and sizing, decide if all your wall art pieces should be of the same size and placed in a similar pattern. You can decide to mix things up a little bit, select pictures of different sizes, and glam things up by creatively placing them. Bear in mind that using various sizes of photos can draw more attention to your wall.

Be Creative When Hanging Your Wall Art

Be Creative When Hanging Your Wall Art

This is often the last step when completing your creative wall art. Do not just pack everything into one area because the space is large enough, and you are thinking it is okay to be expressive. First of all, make sure your wall art is at the same height at all levels, parallel to the ground.

Carefully mark out areas where you would like to drill holes and be sure that they are at eye level. You can even cut out brown paper according to the size of each of your photo frames. Stick them on the wall with some tape. It will let you have a better idea of how the finished wall will look. You can change the position of the paper cutouts, and it can act as a guide for drilling in the nails. Do not feel drained about creating a perfect gallery wall. You can take your time, which is why it is your project.

You can start by merely hanging one photograph first, right there at the center of the room. You will be able to fill up the entire space as time goes on. Soon, you will have an admirable gallery wall where you have been able to tell your story using your best photos.


When it comes to creating those beautiful moments, your head just spins with brilliant ideas, and you want to feel it in your personal space. It is as easy as you have imagined it. Your gallery space will say a lot about who you are and create a feeling of love and warmth around you.

Be inspired by the smile of your newborn baby, your wedding photo, your fun time vacation with the entire family. Just drill a hole into the wall and begin to hang these photos. Go ahead, find a unique gallery space, and bring your favorite moments home.

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