How To Clean An Ornate Frame

How To Clean An Ornate Frame

A piece of art can come in an ornate frame. Ornate frames are characterized by their embellishments. With all its embellishments, you will have to clean the ornate frame at some point. The design of the ornate frame is intricate, and the finish is delicate. This requires that you clean it with extra care.

The style of the ornate frame will determine how you clean it. There are variations in styles according to materials and the country from where they were crafted. The ornate frames often seen today may be classified according to the finish, decoration, overall form, and nationality.

Cleaning An Ornate Frame

To start with, you will have to get a clean microfiber cloth that you have already dipped or damped in an anti-tarnish product or plain water. Gently wipe down the frame with this damp cloth. Doing this will aid the removal of all accumulated tarnish on the surface of the ornate frame. All unwanted corrosion will also be removed. As you wipe down, make sure you are as gentle as possible, as metal frames are highly susceptible to scratches.

However, you will need a proper cleaning set up to clean an ornate frame. In setting up, you will need the following materials

Anti-tarnish product
Bowl of water
Cotton gloves
Glass cleaner
Microfiber cloths
Orange oil
Silver cleaner
Soft clean cloths

Take your time to set up the work area with the items already listed. After the setup is complete, you can now follow these steps to clean your ornate frame:

1. Choose an area with good lighting.

2. Lay towels on a flat surface or a sturdy table. The towel should cover a minimum of 3 times the size of the ornate frame. You will also need an extra towel that can be used later.

3. With the face of the frame facing down, gently lay it on the covered surface.

4. Carefully remove the artwork. Place the artwork you have just removed in a safe and clean spot until you are done cleaning the frame.

5. Use the extra towel to cover it for further protection. With your cotton hand gloves on, hold the art by the edges. Handling with care is to ensure that any natural oils from our fingers are not transferred to any portion of the art.

6. Remove and place the glass on a towel. Use a soft rag and a glass cleaner to clean the glass.

7. It is now time to clean either the glass or wood ornate frame.

How To Clean An Ornate Wood Frame

How To Clean An Ornate Wood Frame

The ornate wooden frame can be cleaned by using a soft, damp, and clean cloth. Simple furniture polish can also be used. If the wood ornate frame has crevices, you may need more than a cloth to clean it. This is because the cloth will not fit into the crevices. You will also require more than a soft cloth if the ornate wood frame has a lot of intricate details.

Follow these steps to clean your wooden ornate frames.

1. Take the frame away from the towel.

2. Use a soft and clean cloth to wipe away dirt and dust.

3. Use a dry toothbrush to scrub the frame. Do this gently and ensure that it gets inside the crevices.

4. Scrubbing may cause some debris to be loosened, so use a fresh cloth to wipe the frame again.

5. If the brush cannot reach some crevices, make use of cotton buds.

6. You can then conduct a patch test by applying oil on an inconspicuous spot. The oil should be applied on a dry and soft cloth. It is safer to use orange oil for many of the ornate wood frames.

7. The orange oil should be applied sparingly. Scrub the frame in small sections until the entire frame is cleaned.

How To Clean An Ornate Metal Frame

How To Clean An Ornate Metal Frame

Just like ornate wood frames, a soft, damped, and clean microfiber cloth is needed to clean the ornate metal frame. Any accumulated dirt or corrosion will be removed by the soft microfiber cloth, which is already damped in anti-tarnish products or water.

Follow these steps to clean your metal ornate frames.

1. Ornate metal frames can get scratched easily and so, apply only a little pressure when cleaning.

2. All unwanted tarnish and corrosion should first be cleaned with a slightly damped cloth. If an anti-tarnish product is being used, make sure you test it on a small spot of the frame somewhere in the back before you touch the front of the frame.

3. Use cotton buds for intricate frames. This will help remove discoloration and tarnish from the crevices easily.

4. Make use of a silver cleaner for a bar of sterling silver or silver plated picture frame. There are directions on the packaging, follow them and remember to clean gently.

Cleaners To Avoid Using On Frames

The finish on the frame can be ruined if some type of homemade cleaning agent is used to clean the frame. When cleaning your frame, ensure that you avoid any of the following:

Ammonia: making use of Ammonium hydroxide to clean can ruin the body of the frame. Blemishes such as a pink hue may be left on the surface of the metal frame.

Commercial polishes: Many commercial products contain chemicals that may be harmful to the frame. Polishes that have ammonia content can potentially strip the wood or metal. Ensure that you check the contents label of whichever cleaning package you are purchasing.

Too much water: The water you use in cleaning your frame should not be too much. If water gets trapped in frames, it deteriorates and corrodes. When making use of water, ensure that the cloth is not wet but damp.


Regardless of all the embellishments and intricate carvings on the ornate frame, you will have to clean it at some point. The frame should be cleaned regularly so it can be in good condition at all times. However, you need to ensure that you do not damage or scratch the frame when cleaning it.
Make sure you take note of the product you use in cleaning since some may contain chemicals that may cause harm. It is recommended that you spray cleaners on a soft microfiber cloth rather than spraying them on the frame directly. Use the microfiber cloth to clean the frame gently.

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