How to Choose The Right Picture Frame To Complement Your Piece

How to Choose The Right Picture Frame To Complement Your Piece

A beautiful artwork or photograph will correspond with a picture frame that will add emphasis and prominence to the art. Matching a perfect picture frame to artwork will also enhance the piece depending on the design of the frame and how creative you are when picking the right colors for your artwork.

Framing should not be limited to how good you are when hanging and organizing pictures on the wall. There are strategies you should employ in sorting the right frames, which will not only match your artwork but also complete the entire interior home decor.

Some factors can be put in place to create a perfect picture frame, and they will help you determine what you want when you are faced with making framing decisions. Follow these tips to pick the right frame for your artwork.

Choose Either Wood Frames Or Metal Frames

Choose Either Wood Frames Or Metal Frames

Whenever you are looking out for the perfect frame to accentuate your artwork, carefully pick the frame made out of quality materials. They differ in style, thickness, and color. The picture you want to frame must play a key role when choosing between metal or wood frames.

Different designs and art pieces work perfectly with different frames, whether it is metal or wood frames. For example, contemporary artworks such as black and white art or photographs and abstract arts complement simple metallic picture frames. The metal frame will, in a simple and natural manner, enhance the display of your art with a unique finish.

Wooden frames are most suitable when framing traditional artwork. They are great choices for colorful paintings, complex artworks, and wholesome photographs. They improve the detailing in an artwork. Since wooden frames are a little more rugged than metal frames, they complete your pieces with moderate sensations and beautiful details.

Make Sure You Go For The Right Frame Colors

Make Sure You Go For The Right Frame Colors

To carry out a creative fine art reproduction, you must pick out colors that are suitable for your artwork or photo prints; therefore, it is okay to be selective. Your color choice may be dependent on emphasizing a particular feature in your art piece, maybe the dominant color or the less noticeable color.

Sometimes, you may pick a color to match the room decor or to complement the color palette of your entire home interior. You are free to get as creative as you can since it is your artwork, and you want to make a statement out of it by making it spectacular. The following steps are guides to choosing the right colors of the frame to complement your artwork.

Pick A Unique Color From Your Piece

Picking one dominant color from your artwork or photo to match your frame color is one perfect idea that will elevate the piece and provide a feeling of connection between the artwork and the frame. It also looks very elegant when hanging on a neutral wall.

The color you have chosen from the artwork or photo can be minuscule or widespread. It all depends on what you want. If the artwork or photo is just one color, picking a frame of the exact shade will send out a sense of equilibrium or stability.

Alternatively, choosing a frame that suits a tiny shade within your art piece will drag more attention to the color of the artwork. Your picture or artwork will stand out elegant and distinct and will draw attention to the frame because the color of the frame is not the same as the artwork.

Go For A More Dramatic Color That Adds Bold Effects

Bold artworks should be complemented using gold frames. For your artwork to look simple, clean, and amazing, choose frame colors that are completely opposite the colors within your pictures or artwork. It draws attention to the artwork and creates a striking effect.

Use Neutral Colors

If you are not sure whether to opt for a specific or bold color to emphasize your artwork or photo or use an opposite-colored frame to accentuate your piece, you may want to try using neutral-colored frames. It completes any type of artwork photo. Examples of these frames are black and white-colored frames.

Consider Adding A Mat

This is one of the choices you will make when considering choosing the right frame for your artwork or photo. Archival matt boards are beautiful, and they add a decorative and clean finish to your fine art printings, photos, or artworks. It also separates artworks a bit away from the cover.

Using Matts to finish your artwork will showcase a tidy and presentable outcome. Matts elevates and complements the artwork displayed within it. Most artworks may not necessarily need adding mats, especially larger posters. Nevertheless, you can pick the best options that suit you at any time depending on your artwork or photo.

Nevertheless, mats are mostly suitable when framing smaller sizes of pictures or artworks. Opt for getting mats if the artwork or photo you want to frame is a bit smaller than 5″ x 5″. You can add more volume to the work just by using a nice-looking matt.

Also, if you want to add some extras to your artwork or photo, like a colorful layer to decorate your borders, it will look great, and your work will uniquely make a statement. Be as creative as you can with your matting. There are Matts of different styles, colors, and textures that can create a meaningful impact on your artwork.


It is not that difficult to get a frame as there are many custom picture frames to reach out for, but you shouldn’t just go ahead and use anyone. Ensure you go for the right ones to complement your piece. Feel confident when taking a framing project.

Also, do not get confused when choosing the appropriate frame for your piece. All you must do is consider the primary intention that you are looking to accomplish. That way, you will understand that the choice of your framing will solely depend on the style of your photo or artwork.

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