How To Choose The Right Frame For Your Picture

How To Choose The Right Frame For Your PictureThe step after picking a beautiful picture is choosing the right frame. The frame should enhance your picture. It should also be able to transform it into a true work of art. It is quite easy to choose the right frame once you understand the basics. You will find a variety of frames from which you can choose.

What Are the Types of Frames?

Frames are available in various types and sizes. The popular frame types are metallic frames, white or black frames, and wood frames. Any of these frames will enhance the presentation of your picture.

Metallic picture frames

Metallic frames have a trendy and modern vibe. They are good at making a picture look eye-catching and vibrant. Its classy appearance makes it perfect for amazing landscapes, family portraits, and wedding pictures. Pairing white and black pictures with a metallic frame is a good choice. The color it provides is contrasting to the picture itself.

White or black picture frames

You can truly accentuate the beauty of your picture when you place it close to a solid-colored frame. White frames are eclectic and casual, while black frames offer a more formal and elegant look. Both white and black frames carry a streamlined appearance and modern feel.

Wood picture frames

Wooden picture frames
Wood is a natural material that offers a classic and warm feel. Depending on the type of finish used, its colors range from dark to light. With wood frames, you have plenty of options to use for contrasting and complementing your pictures.

How to Choose the Right Picture Frame

A picture frame serves numerous purposes. The best picture frame for your piece is one that enhances and protects the piece, as well as complements the rest of your home’s interior decor. To choose the right picture frame for your pictures, you must keep some important things in mind. Among the things to consider are the best material and color, is matting required or not, or if a custom frame is necessary.

Choose the right frame material

As stated already, there is a variety of picture frames from which to choose. While choosing the type of frame to use, ensure that you consider factors like your picture, space or room, and your budget.
Metal frames are complementary to modern works, while wood frames look best with classic paintings. However, a metal frame used in a room with a more rustic theme might feel out of place. The cost of a wood frame may be higher than a metal frame because of the material.

Choose the right frame colorRight Picture Frame Color

Wood frames can be painted or laminated black, white, or with silver or gold accents, but they are generally available in natural shades. Your choice of color should depend on the room and the picture itself. Contrasting a white and black picture in a black metal frame can create an appealing visual effect. To choose the right frame for your picture, consider these three tips:

1. Pick a color from the picture

It is always a safer option to choose a frame color that is already in your picture. Doing so will give a sense of continuity in the display, and it will accentuate a specific color. Your choice of color from the picture could be minuscule or widespread depending on what you would like.

You will draw attention to the color in the picture when you make use of a frame color that matches a tiny shade within the picture. However, selecting a frame of the same shade as the picture with a single color will exude a sense of stability.

2. Think neutral

It is great to choose a frame with neutral color if you do not want to make a big statement or emphasize a single color in your picture. Neutral-colored frames are right for complementing pictures.

Both white and black frames are classic options that you can use to that effect. White is timeless and can make the colors within your picture pop out. It can give a dramatic effect if your work is colorful. Black frames on the other hand can complement almost all pictures and artworks.

3. Go for a dramatic effect

Think about choosing a frame color that is opposite to what you have in your picture if you want a simple and clean piece. The eyes are drawn to such a framed display, and the look is dramatic.
Using this approach will be right for any picture, chaotic or simple. A picture frame with an opposite color to what you have in the picture will add more character to space where it is displayed. It will also make a bold statement.

Choose whether to mat or not

To further amplify the look of your picture frame, you may choose to use a mat board with it. A mat board will help hide the rough edges of your picture and also put your picture in the right place. The extra border that a matboard provides will add to the frame’s overall size.

Similar to picture frames, mat boards also come in various colors. You will find dozens of colors to choose from depending on the type you want. The color choice ranges from bright red and black to standard cream and white.

Decide if a custom frame is needed:

If the picture you want to frame does not fit into any of the standard available frames, you may need to buy a custom frame. A custom frame will help your oversized or undersized picture look its best when displayed. Custom framing can be done either in your local store or online.

When requesting a custom frame online, make sure you measure all dimensions of your picture correctly. This is important so that you do not end up getting a misfitting frame.


There are different options to choose from when looking for the right frame for your picture. The process of finding just the right picture frame is an enjoyable one if you understand the basics. Consider the factors discussed already, and always choose what feels right for you.

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