How to Choose the Best Acrylic Display Cases

For a counter-top display, the acrylic display case is an incredible alternative you can opt for, especially when it comes to having transparent cabinets. It is a perfect material for displaying a series of products or commodities, which includes cosmetics, brochures, trophies, models, jewelry, cake, and many more. If you have been searching for a safe and neat way to display your products on a counter display, and you have been having doubts about making use of glass to display them, be rest assured that an acrylic display cabinet is an excellent option you can rely on.

There are many acrylic materials in the market, and sometimes you are confused about which of these materials is the perfect one. Below are some tips that can help you to choose the best acrylic display cases.

1. Transparency

You need to be able to identify which type of acrylic material is good. As we all know, acrylic material includes acrylic extrusion and acrylic casting sheet. The acrylic casting sheet is more transparent than the former. Therefore, you must know that a good acrylic display case will without any doubt be of high quality of transparency.

2. Thickness

To be able to identify a good acrylic display case, you must be able to identify the thickness of a standard acrylic display case. Different brands are responsible for the production of acrylic raw materials. The error percent allowed for a standard acrylic display case is small, while the poor acrylic material will always have a big error. You can easily identify a good one by simply comparing the thickness of these products.

3. Color

The majority of the best acrylic display cases reveal the uniform and beautiful color. You should give more attention to the color as it will assist you in selecting the best of the acrylic display cases.

4. The touch sense

A good acrylic display case can be recognized by touching it, you can easily know it is a quality acrylic display if the surface is very sleek and glossy.

5. The joining point

The parts of an acrylic display will be joined together by glue, it will be difficult to see the bubbles on a good acrylic display case because a good company producing such material will ensure to avoid creating bubbles during the process of gluing. An acrylic display case with many bubbles will end up looking unattractive.

Acrylic Displays vs Glass Displays

When it comes down to the business of comparing acrylic display cases with glass display cases, you will realize that both display cases have their advantages and disadvantages. The glass display case had been in existence for many years or centuries, and it is very popular especially with retailers like jewelry or collector’s stores. The fame of acrylic display cases has steadily grown over the years as retailers have realized how decent it is in displaying different kinds of products. Acrylic cases do not look glamorous like the glass display case. The glass display case has in terms of resistance to scratch and lighting. The advantages of acrylic display over glass displays are as follows:

Acrylic is clearer than glass

Acrylic is a material that is clearer than glass, making it a better option to choose when thinking of which to use for displaying products. The reflective attributes of glass it an awesome product for shining light on products but the reflective light can also obscure the viewing of items been displayed, which will result in customers trying hard to see the contents on display. An acrylic display case is a Perspex display material, that is, it does not produce a reflective light that can obscure sights, making it a great product that should be highly considered above the glass.

Acrylic is safer than glass

Durability is an attribute that both glass and acrylic both has. However, if there occurs an unavoidable accident, glass material will without any doubt be destroyed, unlike acrylic that has a high tendency of remaining undamaged. Acrylic materials can survive an intense impact unlike glasses, which can even inflict injury on people, destroy the products that are displayed in them, and also very difficult to clear when damaged.

Acrylic is lighter than glass

In the market, one of the lightest materials is plastic. And this very feature gives acrylic display cases lots of advantages over glass display cases. First, the light feature makes acrylic material  easy to transport and also set up, it is an ideal material for temporary display. Also, it makes acrylic very flexible, making it easier to set up an acrylic display stand. Finally, its lightweight feature makes it a cheaper material that one can cheaply buy and ship in. Unlike glass that will demand extra carefulness, making it very risky to ship, acrylic display cases are not a risky material to ship around.

Acrylic is stronger than glass

Even though glass display cases may seem stronger than acrylic, but that is not true. The acrylic which is made out of plastic material is built to withstand the intense impact that will not break it easily, it has a large amount of load-bearing capacity, unlike glass which does not.

Acrylic is cheaper than glass

Acrylic display cases much cheaper than glass cases. Glass cases price usually begins at the range of $100 to $500, while that of acrylic is about $70 to $200

Acrylic is easy to maintain

Acrylic display cases can be cleaned with a wipe down making use of a damp cloth, it is easy to maintain because it is almost a perfect dust proof material. Acrylic display cases have many benefits attached to them, that is the major reason many stores all across Australia are making use of it to display their merchandise


There are various purposes to display cases, ranging from displays for memorabilia to point of purchase displays. Even though acrylic display cases have tons of advantages over glass cases, but the selection of one over the other depends on the choice that will fit for which purpose they are intended to meet. But, when it comes to displaying products for customers to see, acrylic cases are the best.

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