How to Choose Picture Frame Moldings for Spring/Summer 2021

How to Choose Picture Frame Mouldings for Spring_Summer 2021

Online shopping can often be difficult, especially when you are looking for picture frames that complement your artwork. You will have to consider the picture frame moldings, a material that determines how well your picture fits. Picture frame moldings are materials that are usually cut down to make picture frames. These materials can easily be customized to make a frame that fits your picture well.

The role that picture frame moldings play cannot be overstated. They bring out beauty in pictures, and can also be a good tool for interior decoration. However, some factors need to be considered when selecting picture molding frames for spring or summer. Here are three different factors that should be considered:


A picture frame molding has a profile that includes the details of the frame design, and size. The frame moldings details can be a simpler design or rich carvings. The designs available for a frame are many. The design of the frame depends mainly on the thickness of either the slope going away from the picture or the one coming towards it. On the other hand, the size of the picture frame molding will depend on the size of the picture. Depending on your preference, you can choose to use a bigger frame to accentuate a small photo. This is achieved by having a plain background in the back of the picture.



Wood and metal are the two main materials to consider for picture frame molding. A wood molding makes the decoration more traditional while giving it a rich ambiance. A metal molding, on the other hand, fits well with rooms that have ultra-modern furniture and décor.

Polystyrene and plastic are two other materials that are popularly used for picture frame moldings. They are less expensive. They both can be made to look like metal or wooden frames due to the availability of various colors and finishes. However, they are not as sturdy when compared to metal and wooden frame moldings. To use them, their material composite must be checked to ensure that it won’t react with the material of your picture.



Both metal and wooden frame moldings are available in a variety of colors. When choosing a color, you need to consider whether you want the picture frame to blend in with your room’s color combination or you want it to stand out. This means that you must pay attention to the wall in your room. Contrasting the color and giving it a strong position in the decoration will make the picture stand out. Gold, silver, and black are the most popular colors for picture frame moldings.

Tips for Choosing a Picture Frame for Spring/Summer

A good picture frame can completely change the look and mood of a picture. It is, therefore, worth it that you spend time to research before framing your pictures. Here are some suggestions that will help:

1. Do research

Carrying out both offline and online research is a good thing for a couple of reasons. For one, it helps you to know your taste in frames, and another is that it will help you identify a professional framer. Finding a professional frame is the easier of the two. Most times, a good framer can only advise you on wood types, price, and the mount that can be used.

However, you need to have something in mind before you start seeking insights from a framer on the best frame for your picture. You can start by checking out some framing ideas on Pinterest. You will surely see something that catches your eyes. Another good source of inspiration is magazines.

2. Look to your local gallery

Looking to your local gallery can provide you with much-needed information on how to choose frames for your picture. Seeing the material, color, and profile used for a picture frame molding will give you an idea of the right one to choose. When checking these things out at your local gallery, think critically and imagine how well any piece you want will fit into your home.

However, it is ideal that you go to a professional framer when selecting a picture frame. These framers should have different types of frames in their shop. Whereas, the options you will see at a gallery maybe a little bit limited. A good framer can give you various options that you can experiment with before making a purchase.

3. Consider the cost

Framing and choosing a picture frame can be expensive. It can be more expensive when you have it custom-made. When you are having your picture frame made by a framer, the moldings must be cut into size for the picture to fit in it.

In some instances, a good frame may be more expensive than the actual picture. But if it is a piece that you love, and it can be passed down to generations, it is worth investing in it. Regardless of the cost, a beautiful frame with proper molding will add beauty and elegance to your home. The choice is yours to make.

4. Choose a frame with acid-free materials

Care is needed when framing pictures. So, you must make sure that the materials used in making the frame are acid-free. If they are not, they can discolor and ruin your picture. Also, you should ensure that the material used is not prone to damping. Damp and acid can affect your picture and devalue its worth.

5. Consider the uniqueness of the picture

The picture must determine your choice of frame and its moldings. All pictures are unique, so you must frame them accordingly. If you have multiple pictures, you do not have to choose to match frames for all of them. Mix the frame styles to go well with each picture.


Picture frame molding is a good way of customizing your frame. They come in different materials such as wood, metal, plastic, and polystyrene. You should not underestimate the problem that the type of material, color, and profile of the frame can cause. Consider the tips discussed so you can easily choose the right picture frame molding for your artwork.

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