Guide To Selecting The Perfect Custom Framing!

Millions of people around the world love to decorate their homes, offices, workshops, flagship stores, mansions, and villas with amazing artwork. Amongst all the artwork, custom picture frames are the most common choice. Custom picture frames are considered the most popular way of decorating living spaces. People can easily find them in the stores, get them customized according to their preferences, and are extremely affordable.

But picture framing is not just about hanging a few frames here and there to fill up the empty walls. You need to have a particular strategy that will help you to get the best picture frame. The frames should complement the artwork as well as enhance the look of the interior in which it is hung or placed. There are a lot of things that you need to consider before you choose a custom picture frame and decide to purchase it. You might get overwhelmed with so many options provided in the market – different colors, different molding, different framing material, and different styles. In such scenarios, it becomes extremely hard to make the right choice.

But you need not worry. With this amazing guide, you would find it extremely easy to make the right choice.

#1 The Interior Where The Custom Picture Frames Would Be Placed:

This is one of the most important factors that you should consider while choosing a custom frame. You might need a custom picture frame for your offices, home, stores, or any other place. You will require a different custom frame for different living spaces. For instance, if you have a modern house, then you would need a floating picture frame or acrylic custom picture frames. Only then it will be able to enhance the look of the house. If you place a metallic picture frame with the modern house interior, then the frame would destroy the entire look.

Similarly, if you want to choose the picture frames for decorating your office spaces, then can go for something simple and sober. The look of the frame must motivate the people working around.

So now you understand why the interior of the living spaces must be taken into consideration while choosing the custom picture frames.

#2 Focus On The Custom Picture Framing Style That Complements The Artwork:

When you are choosing the custom picture frames, you must select a piece that complements the artwork. The choices may vary depending on the different styles of artwork that you’re looking to accompany.

For instance, if you want a custom picture frame for oil and acrylic paintings:

The oil paintings have a unique texture and complexity associated with them. To frame such artwork, you need a frame that does not distract the viewer’s eyes from the actual focal point.

So the custom picture frame you choose must be simple. It should allow the canvas to stand as a unified whole and attract the viewers to observe the finer details of the artwork.

What if the artwork is on the paper:

Well, if you have art on paper then you must choose a custom picture frame that helps in enhancing the appearance of the artwork? The frame must provide structural support to the artwork along with proper protection.


While selecting the mounting for the paper artwork, you must ensure that the material used is completely acid-free. If not, then the quality of the artwork would degrade over time.

Don’t Forget The Pallette:

You can enhance the look of the artwork by setting proper tones and textures. The custom picture frame should have the potential to grab the viewer’s attention and engross them into the beauty of the artwork. Clean whites and modern textured custom picture frames are generally suitable for contemporary artwork. But if you want to bring out the beauty of the traditional artwork, then you can go for metallic picture frames or wooden custom frames. The important point here is to choose the picture frame that matches the aesthetic of the work and pay it due respect.


A custom picture frame not just enhances the beauty of the artwork but also provides protection to it and helps in preserving the artwork for years. So you must choose the custom picture frame that is able to fulfill all your framing requirements. Well, as per the expert framers, choosing the right custom picture frame is not complicated. You just have to find elements that work to the strengths of your artwork.

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