[Guide] Framing Your Concert Posters

Framing Your Concert Posters

If you are a concert-goer, a music lover, or simply an enthusiast, then you may relate to the idea of keeping concert posters. You may keep a concert poster as a souvenir to mark fun concert moments or as an addition to a vintage collection of the same. Either way, concert posters are a valued keepsake. Being a popular childhood practice, you may feel as if you are too old to hang posters on your walls. However, with proper framing, you will end up with sophisticated wall pieces to suit your décor. Instead of stashing away your concert posters, here are a few guidelines to help you with the framing.

Determine the Frame Size

You may begin by measuring your poster to determine what the right frame size for your concert poster will be. Depending on the initial purpose of the poster, they usually come in varying sizes. Posters that are handed out for advertisement tend to be smaller in size while those that are posted around or at the concert itself come in bigger sizes.

Some concert posters will come in standard sizes. If yours does not fit into a standard size, then you will need to consider a custom picture frame. A custom frame is, however, going to cost you more. To avoid this, you may trim your poster if possible and have it fit in the next size down. Alternatively, you can go for larger frame size and have a matting to fill in the gap. But if you want a perfect sized frame, you can go for a custom size frame matching your requirements.

Consider the Mounting

There are various mounting options for you to choose from, depending on your future intentions for the piece and how much you value a particular poster. For the mat board, a foam board will do, preferably an acid-free one.

For the mounting technique, you can use an adhesive to stick the poster and the foam board together. With this, you need to ensure that you use the right kind of adhesive that will not wrinkle and damage the poster. The other option is the dry mounting method. This one is long-lasting even though it is permanent and will devalue your poster.

A far better option is lignin backing which will reinforce your poster as well as conditioning it in case it is worn out and creased. This is an acid-free and reversible option, maintaining the value of your poster.

For non-precious concert posters that can be easily replaced, you can use permanent mounting methods such as dry mounting and regular photo mounting boards. For valuable vintage collections, reversible mounting methods like starch adhesive are best and so is the use of archival mat boards.

Mat or No Mat

Being large in size and vintage in nature, most concert posters will look good when framed using a full-bleed framing style to form attractive centerpieces. However, the matting is still a viable option and you may do so if you deem it fit depending on what you are looking for. Apart from a typical white or black mat board, you may go a more colorful one, guided by the colors present in the poster, for a playful look. Just as with the mount board, the archival-quality mat board is most suitable to protect your valuable concert posters.

Choose the Glazing

For larger concert posters, an acrylic covering will be better as it is less heavy and breakable. Still, whichever material you decide to go with for your glazing, you need to ensure that it is UV protecting. Otherwise, the poster will begin to fade with time and may eventually get ruined.

Another important thing to note when it comes to the glazing is to avoid the poster and the glazing from coming into direct contact with each other. This is because the poster might get damaged or become permanently attached to the glazing making it impossible to remove it without damaging it. A mat or a plastic spacer will help with this.

Pick the Style and Type of the Frames

The kind of picture frame molding that you choose for your concert poster will determine the final look of your wall piece. It should complement the art in the poster as well as the surrounding décor. Most concert posters come in flamboyant designs requiring minimalistic picture frame moldings to create a balance. Simple thin black or white frames will do for most. For a colorful frame, you may use the color palette in the poster to inspire your choice.

Failure to get an acid-free picture frame will mean having the acid leach into your poster and ruining it. It is for this reason that you should ensure that you go for museum quality archival frames.


Framing your concert posters is a great way to safeguard fun memories while at the same time giving your home’s interior an upgrade. Be sure to use archival quality materials on everything from the mat, mount board, tape, corners, glazing as well as museum quality archival frames to preserve your precious vintage collections.

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