Framing Size Guideline For All Types of Artwork

Framing Size Guideline For All Types of Artwork

You may have certain questions on your mind about what photo frame sizes are all about, how you will be able to tell if the frame you have chosen will fit your artwork, the comparable size of a frame and artwork, and why you need to know about all kinds of sizes.

The right way for you to understand picture frame dimensions is by having full clarity on it so that you can be able to handpick the right size of frame for your artwork without stress. Even though a few standard picture frame dimensions fit the regular picture printing sizes, they may still come in widely varying dimensions.

The most common dimensions of photo frames undoubtedly fit the most regular photo prints of varying dimensions. Standard dimensions include 8×10, 10×12, 12×16, 16×20, 20×24, and so on.

Picture Frames for 4×6 Photos

A 4×6 photo is a standard photo frame size, and it is a great choice for a targeted subject, whether for abstract artwork or a family photo. Most photographers use this size for making photo albums. You will need a frame that is a little larger if your photo is as small as 4×6. For this, you will require the use of mats to make it appear larger.

4X6 photo frames look amazing when styling photo collages on the wall. They are very suitable for matching wall shelves for interior home designs. 4×6 frame sizes are the most sold photo frame size, and they provide a distinguished look to the pictures that are framed within them.

Including the use of matt while framing a 4×6 photo can add aesthetic finishing to the outcome if you add white or gold-colored matting boards. Matting small frames improve professionalism and class of printed photos.

Picture Frames for 5×7 Photos

Picture Frames for 5x7 Photos

Photos that are 5×7 in dimension are naturally standard photo dimensions, and they are not uncommon. 5×7 images are small in size; therefore, it is pertinent to style them in the best way possible. These small-sized photos can be positioned in a suitable frame where the photo would match comfortably with the frame.

The photo will always take center stage of the small frame, acting as its focal point. For your picture to look outstanding, place the photo on a colorful boundary line before putting it in a bigger-sized frame. You should only do this if you have a larger space than what the photo can fit. If you already have pictures that will fit your frame effortlessly, go for very thin frames, as these will match your pictures perfectly.

5×7 photo prints can fit in different kinds of frames, but this will depend on the thickness of matt you would likely use. It is very challenging to compare these to a few other sizes as it is not a common print dimension. It is small and can suitably match a wall decoration shelving.

Picture Frames for 8×10 Photos

Picture Frames for 8x10 Photos

An 8×10 picture is larger than 4×6 and 5×7 pictures; therefore, it can be used when framing portraits or group photos. Different types of dimensioned frames can use to match an 8×10 picture, and it would depend on how narrow or wide you want the outcome of your frame.

8X10 pictures are suitable sizes for inserting single photo portraits on the wall; this is due to the qualitative details that are projected in an 8X10 photo print. To add a perfect taste to your photo frame, have it customized to fit the nature of the picture within. With matting, the frame sizes should be 11×14 or 12×14.

Picture Frames for 16×20 Photos

16×20 sized picture prints require a high resolution in image detailing. If you are considering using this size of a photo, ensure you have a picture in an excellent resolution, which will be able to leave the final stage of your work looking perfect and not appearing blurry or pixelated.

16×20 frames are good for framing small posters and calendars. They are said to be significant in any interior home decoration. For a more unique touch, add a personal photo frame to your calendar and photos. When you put your calendar on a glass cover or frame, you can easily mark the glass with a marker and erase them later. This way, the calendar will not be damaged, and its longevity will be extended.

Picture Frames for 20×30 Photos

When you add a frame, your 20×30 photo print size will be as large as the average wall poster size of about 24×36. It is a large size and looks great on your wall space as the center of attraction. When framing a large size like this one, go for a massive and striking artwork. It may be a photo of the ocean or an influential landscape photo.

This type of picture frame size is great for any kind of interior home decor design or displaying magnificent wall arts as it promotes any wall art photos, whether acrylic frames or other arts. It also looks good for styling a personalized area such as offices or homes. To add more style to your framing, choose different frame colors so that they will add a different taste and class to your home design.

Picture Frames for 22×32 Photos

This size of the picture is larger than posters; therefore, the use of a matt backing is not necessary. Instead of using matts to increase the size of the print while framing, use a frame equal to the size of the print to fit it to a tasteful dimension.

This size is perfect for regions with large and open spaces, such as in your office or home. Project a unique wall art design that will create a center of attention for anyone who looks at it. This type of large-sized wall art will beautifully fit framed canvas arts, displaying your favorite images.


When choosing the right photo frame sizes, it is not easy to know the right measurement. Even though the prices may be indicated on the frame itself, you may still get confused and cannot figure it out on your own. However, choosing the perfect sized frame will go a long way in ensuring an excellent outcome of your wall art so, with this guideline, you will be able to get a perfect frame to fit your prints.

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