Everything About Face Mounting Picture Frame

Everything About Face Mounting Picture Frame

Face mounting is a method by which a photo is framed for an indefinitely long time. Face mounting is achieved by placing an acrylic photo frame directly onto the artwork. Silicone glue is applied in a thin coat onto it, and then the acrylic artwork is directly placed on it.

Face mounting offers an enhanced appearance to any canvas print. It changes the outlook of the gallery space, and it is a great way of displaying your beautiful photo prints in a superb style while also safeguarding them.

Face mounting picture frames can be beneficial to your gallery setup and increase its outlook. If you do not have an idea of what it is all about. But you think it is a way to protect your photo prints, here is everything you need to know about it.

Acrylic face mounting is a method of framing that requires the application of a visibly clear glutinous substance to the surface of an acrylic photo print then sticking the print to Plexiglass or acrylic.

The moment an acrylic print adheres to the plexiglass, attaching a backing material such as Sintra or Dibond to the back of the print is necessary to keep them protected and ensure rigidity of the artwork.

The backing materials are also capable of providing the surface of the print to stick to the floating and hanging hardware. This brings about a contemporary, floating look that looks as if the artwork is off the wall.

If you are an artist that wishes to take your work on an exhibition or a professional photographer, face mounting picture frames are a great choice for making your artwork or photographs exceptional and unique as compared to other people.

Acrylic face mounting will give your prints a contemporary, vibrant outcome for both your home gallery wall and your art gallery or museum. You can show off your work in an incomparable way, using face mounting.

Face Mounting Is Intensely Shiny And Elegant

Face Mounting Is Intensely Shiny And Elegant

If you are looking to get a beautiful and trendy outlook for your photo, then you have to choose face mounting. Paying for face mounting or an acrylic picture frame for your elegant print will improve its artistic advantage.

When face mounting a photo print, the method requires that an opaque glue is attached. This method has the tendency to make the framed object look as though it were moving when hanged on the wall; this increases the intricacy behind the picture.

Also, mounting or framing on a white background will improve the neatness of the work, and your picture frame or acrylic photo mount will have a fresh and loveable finish.

Face Mounting Picture Frame Is Long Lasting

Face Mounting Picture Frame Is Long Lasting

When you opt for an acrylic face mounting for the completion of your photo print, you successfully intensify the longevity of the print. However, there are numerous techniques in which a protective layer can help in sustaining your canvas print while also shielding and sealing your final print.

Face Mounting Protects Against UV Light

Face mounting does not only furnish, but it also creates the item shatter resistance. An acrylic face mount is not made of glass, which can crash if it falls.

Since acrylic face-mounted prints are resilient, there is a collection of advancements where you can journey, show off, and stock your canvas prints after they have undergone an acrylic face mounting.

Even if you are leaving your canvas prints in an area that has been consistently taking in a lot of sunshine, the layer of your photo mounted with acrylic will protect against some harmful ultraviolet rays of light.

Apart from exceptionally high exposure of UV rays and situations where the artwork has incurred some kind of water damage. May be due to the print being left outside or some other reason. The layer of your print that has been mounted with acrylic will be protected from the sun, water, several other kinds of climatic conditions.

It is likely that face mounting picture frames can be pricey out there than just using a glass frame. But you should know that it is easier to take a chance with your acrylic face mount. Its resilience is not to be compared with the use of glass.

Also, when compared with glass frames, acrylic face mounts are more elegant, durable, and sophisticated to have around the gallery.

Acrylic Face Mounting Is Not the Same Thing As Acrylic Printing

The procedure may be the same since you have to print directly to an acrylic layer or material. In an acrylic face mount, an image is printed directly on acrylic first onto one layer, then on a second layer, which is printed on the first one to ensure opacity.

When comparing an acrylic print and face-mount, the conservational quality when directly printing to acrylic cannot be compared to face mounting. The finishing look from face mounting is detailed, vibrant in color, full of depth.

Face mounting materials also have a longer life span as compared to normal acrylic printing. It is effective if you want to change the outlook of your photo so that it has that art setting instead.

Most professional photographers use the face-mounting photo framing process to enhance their photo gallery. This method not only looks elegant, modern, and classy but also helps in sustaining the photographs.

Acrylic face mounting requires an attentive mechanism of aligning your photo prints with some layers, adhering to substances that are permanently stuck together. This is done because face mounting makes your artworks or photo prints shine compared to other works of art in an art gallery.


Now that you have an idea about-face mounting photo frames, it is all about layering one photo print upon the surface of another layer, using permanent adherents. Acrylic face mounting is perfect for amazing artwork or photo print. It is detailed, long-lasting, and attractive.

You need to have it in mind that when face mounting your photo or artwork to an acrylic, everything must be quality made, from the photo to the materials used. A well-detailed face mounting print will steal the show anytime any day.

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