Different Ways Paintings Are Mounted On Acrylics

Different Ways Paintings Are Mounted On Acrylics

What is Acrylic?

Acrylic is a strong transparent plastic with optical clarity. Acrylic shows the qualities of glass-like brilliance and transparency. It is half heavy like glass and has more impact resistance than glass. Acrylic is a very durable and clear component that can be used for store fixtures, shelves, displays, medical devices, nails, paint and furniture, and lenses, etc., which have more eye-catching properties. It can be used in exhibit enclosures, windows, and tanks due to its clarity.

You can order a Custom Mirror made from super rigid Aclyric from the Acrylic box manufacturers in your area. They will surely survive the collisions and cracks, giving fantastic images. There are many types of Acrylic, including Clear Acrylic, White Acrylic, Light Acrylic, Mirrored Acrylic, Light Diffusing Acrylic, Solar Tinted Acrylic, Non-Glare Acrylic, and Anti Synthetic Acrylic, etc. It also shows thermoplastic properties as it does not change the mechanical properties or chemistry when heating or cooling. Acrylic also can be used as an alternative to glass. It can be considered as a clear plastic which can increase the value of your work. Acrylic is available in a variety of colors.

Acrylic Paints

Acrylic paints are water-soluble and become waterproof when dried. The acrylic paint can be diluted according to the need to use water or any Acrylic medium or paste. Acrylic Paints can be modified according to the texture, appearance, flexibility, and other properties of the painting surface using water or any other acrylic medium. So, the painting will appear to be a watercolor or oil painting. Acrylic painting can be used on paper, canvas, or any other suitable material. The wet acrylic paint can be removed simply removed with water when needed. There are varieties of Acrylic paints, including Heavy Body Acrylic, Medium Viscosity Acrylic, Open Acrylic, Interference Acrylic, Exterior Acrylic, Interactive Acrylic, and Craft Acrylic.

Acrylic frames

Acrylic Frames are an alternative for glass frames. They are preferable than glass frames due to their lightweight and clear view. They do not break or crack like glass and can preserve your photos for years. You can decorate a photo with Aclyric frames at any size suitable to your photo. You can get an Aclyric frame for your small wall photo or else to a large size poster. Any way they can look great for any type of photos making your gallery more attractive.

What is Acrylic Photo Mounting?

Acrylic Face Mounting or Photo mounting is the process of applying a clear adhesive on to the print and adhering the print to the Acrylic. Here, the photo adheres under an Acrylic glass, which is also known as Plexiglass. The Art is then protected by adhering backing materials to the back of the print. You can give a fantastic and pleasing look to your home through an Acrylic print. You can also create an eye-catching gallery on your wall through an Acrylic Face Mounting. There are many benefits that you can truly enjoy from an Acrylic Photo Mounting. You can decorate your wall with an Acrylic Photo mount in any varying thicknesses. They avoid UV radiation from the Sun. They can give a full 3D vision to your photo and can be preserved for years and years due to excellent durability. It can also give your Art a precious and worthy look. You can choose Acrylic sheets for your Fine art printing.

Some general steps in Acrylic Photo mounting using sign pouch laminate :

There are two film sheets in a signed pouch with a clear surface and a protective film on the back. The clear surface is kept up ,Insert the sign pouch into the pouch laminator sealed edge. 5 mil pouch film setting is used. The print will exit the pouch 0 with an elegant laminate. Art with a clear laminate and original view can be obtained. During the mounting process, the film is masked. The sheet is cleaned with rapid Tac or Soapy water. Wipe it. Apply a coat of Rapid tac or soapy water over it again. The laminated print is taken, and the liner is removed. The print is placed to cover Acrylic Sheet. The entire image is tightly pressed using a Roll brayer. The mask is removed to obtain the fantastic Acrylic Photo Mount.

Photo Gloss

The Photo Gloss has a White base that provides the original view closer to your painting.

Photo metallic Gloss

The Photo metallic Gloss gives a 3 Dimensional view making your paint unique and different. Its metallic quality can create fascinating colors in your gallery wall.

High Gloss Photo

It can lighten the colors and depth of your Art, giving it a clear HD view. You can choose this from a variety of thicknesses as you prefer to your wall.

Matte Acrylic Prints

It has an anti-reflective print, which can prevent about 80%; 90% of the reflection. It will not create an additional glare or sparkle on your photo. So, you can obtain the actual and original view of your photo.

Why should you use Acrylic Photo Mounting?

Your Art will be well protected by placing in between sheet of Acrylic and Dibond Aluminium. The Acrylic and the glue can avoid UV radiation, which can damage the quality of your painting. But Acrylic Photo mounting can preserve your Art for many decades with its vibrant and fantastic vision of colors.

If you are planning to have an Acrylic Photo Mount to your Art, you do not need to bother about choosing a frame. Acrylic Photo Mountings are available without frame. So your walls will not get damaged with time. The hanging of Acrylic is also simple and easy. It will give a floating effect to your painting.

You can select An Acrylic Print to decorate your living room, dining room, or bedroom, making them more alive with beautiful feelings. If you want to get the perfect view of your Art, Acrylic Photo print will be the best option for you. It will make your home splendid with its eye-catching and magical effects.

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