Brilliant Picture Frame Ideas For Corporate Space

Brilliant Picture Frame Ideas For Corporate Space

Who doesn’t want their offices to look brilliant, well-decorated? Nobody, I guess. When you are decorating your workspaces or office area, you inspire the people working around. The people (visitors, clients) or specifically the employees feel happy, fresh, energetic as well as motivated. Moreover, the way you decorate the office displays a part of your personality and helps in understanding the company in a better way.

But what would be the best way to embellish the corporate spaces?

The one and only answer to this is – Brilliant Custom Picture Frames

So let’s check out some of the most amazing picture framing ideas that can help you in decorating your corporate area or workspaces and make it look the best.

You Must Start By Advertising Your Company’s Design Assets

By making use of black and white canvases you can display the evolution of the company logo, present different branded posters along with company ads. It would be a perfect way to brighten up the look of the main work area. Moreover, you wouldn’t have to spend a lot of time and energy in sourcing the best artwork or photographs. Besides all this, you can decorate the passage or corridor space with famous quotes framed in acrylic frames with a black mat effect.

Use Floating Frames To Curate Your Own Ideas

If you want something original to go up the office walls, you can curate your own content like displaying some awards, company’s achievements, the best press article, or even team photos. These ideas would be the best alternative to traditional artwork. It is a more fun and personalized way of decorating your office. In order to display, you can make use of floating frames.

Use Specific Artwork To Set The Tone Of The Office

Besides sober artwork, you can also choose something unique to set the vibe in the office. You can try out some artwork that follows a common theme. For instance, you can go for specific subject matters like scenes from the city your company is based in, or vintage photos detailing the history of your industry, or you can even opt for different styles in terms of color, visual design, or the frame style. You can even use some framed vinyl records as they could be a great way to add personality to any office.

Focus On Embracing Different Styling Techniques

Well, when it comes to decorating the corporate spaces with custom picture frames, it becomes difficult to make the right choice. Selecting the right frame, artwork, and how to make the best use of the large empty wall is really overwhelming. So making it simple for you, just try to embrace different framing styles.

First of all, just take a quick glance at the large space and pick an oversized frame to fill the entire space with just one big picture frame. It will act as a focal point for the entire office space. So for this, you need to ensure that the thing you would put up blends perfectly with the rest of your design elements and is a good representation of your company.

The second way would be to convert the empty large wall into a gallery area. Here you can display various artwork or graphics or posters of your company and their founders. The gallery would show up the changes that took place within the company since it started. While putting up a gallery you can make use of custom picture frames of different styles and patterns. It would convey a message that your company is the best place to find everything under one roof.

Picture Frames That Make You Feel Comfortable, Productive And Inspired

The main purpose of decorating a corporate area is to ensure that you are trying to reduce the stress level of the people by making them feel inspired and productive. You can make use of framed art prints, typography, minimalist line drawing prints, or personal photographs.


Nowadays you can see that offices have evolved a lot from the stodgy, utilitarian look and have embraced the modern look by making use of acrylics and floating frames. You would see that your executives are enjoying the look and enhancing productivity.

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