Awesome Tips For Purchasing Frames In Bulk

Awesome Tips For Purchasing Frames In Bulk

Millions of people purchase custom picture frames for decorating their houses and workspace. But what should be done if you wish to get picture frames for a gallery or art show? What would you do if you have a corporate event or you are wishing to renovate your office?

In any of the above situations, you would be needing many custom picture frames in dozens. In simple words, you would have to order picture frames in bulk. For people who are experienced in buying picture frames in bulk, follow a straightforward process. But if you are new to it, you need to consider some of the most important things before you start your new venture.

When you need picture frames in large numbers, you would have to make a huge payment for it. Hence you must focus on reducing errors and also focus on cutting down the cost you are buying in bulk.

You Must Ensure That You Have Right Measurement

Well, if you are buying one or two picture frames, then getting a mismeasured piece of frame or artwork is considered as a minor inconvenience. It would be easily rectified to get the right measurement. But while buying picture frames in bulk, the slightest change in dimensions would turn out to be a waste of money. When the dimensions are wrong in one frame, it would be reflected in all other picture frames, and rectifying it won’t be easy or sometimes impossible.  Therefore, it is always beneficial to double-check the dimensions to ensure that everything is accurate.

Ensure Whether The Picture Framing Company Would Be Able To Meet Your Demand

Before you place an order for picture frames, you must let the people know about your picture frame requirement. If they are unable to take up the bulk order, you could choose some other picture framing services.

While Buying Picture Frames In Bulk – Ask For Potential Discount

Well, it is quite understood that when you are buying in bulk, you would be investing a lot into it. Even the picture framing services would be making a lot of money from it. So do not hesitate to ask for a discount. Generally, most online custom framers offer discounts of varying percentages. You can get picture frames from various online picture framing websites such as Wilson Moulding. They provide coupon codes for discounts. It would be applicable when you are buying picture frames in bulk. Even if the discount is small, it’s still money saved!

Verify The Picture Framing Company Before You Place The Order

With a big picture frame order, you are making a bigger financial investment with the picture framing company. Therefore, it is essential to check whether the company is reputable, reliable, and provide the best picture framing services. One of the best ways to verify the position of the picture framing company in the market is by checking the reviews and testimonials. It would clearly show what their customers and business clients perceive their framing services. Even after all this, if you feel hesitant, just ask for a sample picture frame. You would come to know about the quality of their services. It would be the best way to verify everything before making such a huge investment.

Always Specify The Type Of Picture Frame You Wish to Purchase

When you are out for buying picture frames, just be sure about the material of the picture frame. Whether you need wooden frames, modern acrylic frames, metal frames, or floating frames, just specify this to your framing service provider. Another thing is that, for every picture framing material, you would have a wide range of colors and texture to select from. While all these points refer to the aesthetic thing, it could also affect the cost of the picture frames. Hence it’s important to make sure you know exactly what picture frame features you’re getting, so the display is perfect for your needs.

Look Out For The Orientation Of The Picture Frames

This is one of the most important points which is generally overlooked.  For instance, if you want the posters in portrait form, but you order the picture frames as a landscape, it would completely destroy the look you wanted to have with picture frames. So don’t forget to check the orientation you require.


All these points are sometimes easy to miss out or overlooked. You must make a checklist of all these important points while buying picture frames in bulk. It will help you to avoid all the mistakes and get the best picture frames from the best framing service provider.

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