Advantages Of Choosing Wilson Moulding As Your Custom Framing Partner

Advantages Of Choosing Wilson Moulding As Your Custom Framing Partner

A need to custom frame some artwork is pending and you are faced with a plethora of choices based on color, finishes, scale, design of the frame and the number of mats to use. Conservation, UV and Infrared prevention should also be of the highest order for the frame to look ravishing on the famed wall decor or on the display wall in an art gallery.

However since you can’t go alone in this endeavour, you can choose Wilson Moulding as your prized partner on this occasion. The purpose of the mat in a frame is to isolate the artwork subtly from the frame and let all eyes welcome the artwork in true-to-style grandeur. A mat isn’t mandatory but helps to emphasize the artwork in true regal style by keeping a border between the artwork and the frame. The objective of the frame after all is to highlight the artwork in full splendor and bring out the finer aspects of the picture. Without the mat, the artwork will look like a poster that wouldn’t augur well for the artwork.

Besides emphasizing the artwork, the mat has yet another function of isolating the artwork from sticking to the glass. Wilson Moulding would bring on this aspect with customary finishing and prepare yourself for the best seamless artwork framing experience.

Paper mats:

Paper mats can be acidic or non-acidic. Acidic paper mats, now and again called “embellishing mats,” are made with wood mash. An acidic compound in the wood mash called lignin makes yellow and darker burn blemishes on the craftsmanship. One approach to tell if a piece has been framed with an acidic mat is if the slope has yellowed after some time. In the event that it’s without corrosive, it should at present be white.

It still will go a long way if acidic mats are used with inexpensive art pieces such as posters but when considering pre-matted artwork, it is desirable to use non-acidic matt. While decorative mats are the cheapest going matts the difference between these and acid-free mats is negligent.

Regular Mat board:

Regular Mat board is still made of wood pulp but its been acid neutralized. This type of mat is suited for low to mid-range artwork and photos.

Rag Mats:

Rag mats are 100% cotton mats and made of backing paper and cotton rag core. Backing paper rests near the artwork. Rag mats are high quality mats that work well with family photos and watercolor paintings.


As with mats, frame choices are numerous and choosing the best frame for the artwork should be the diktat and it is more or less to do with personal favorites. Selecting a frame can be at times daunting because of the choices galore and selecting a personal favorite should go down well with the home aesthetics such as room decor, wall color and room dimensions and so forth.

Wrapping Up:

You could be smart enough to leave the nitty-gritties of frame selection to the expert; and no one better than Wilson Moulding comes to mind. Wilson Mouldings keep pace with the current times and trends to take a huge weight off your back and design an immaculate frame keeping room aesthetics and other variables in mind. You have to hand it over to Wilson Moulding to come up with the best frames to set up that elusive masterpiece of an artwork.

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