6 Interesting Ways To Frame Pictures Of Your Wedding

6 Interesting Ways To Frame Pictures Of Your Wedding

A wedding is one of the most significant moments in one’s life. Consequently, photos to mark this day are a must-have. Although, now that you have all these stunning photos from your wedding day, you need to figure out what to do with them. Framing them is a great way to keep the memory of this day alive. The following are some interesting ways in which you could go about the framing of your wedding photos.

Photo Wall

Dedicating a wall in your home for your wedding photos is a great way to remember this day. With these, you will have the chance to frame a couple of wedding photos enabling you to cover different sections of the wedding and even your guests.

Your wedding gallery wall can take up any layout that you prefer. You may try an asymmetrical gallery wall with photos of different sizes and framing designs. You do not have to only include wedding photos but you may also have ones of your courtship days or anything meaningful to your relationship. You may also do a grid style with uniform framing styles. Whichever arrangement you choose, it will look beautiful in your living room, dining, or hallway.

A Single Large Photo

If you do not want something as dramatic as a photo wall, then a single oversized photo of your wedding will do. With this, you will have to choose one photo that is of good quality and is your favorite. You can pick a close up of the both of you holding each other or one where you are looking and smiling at each other.

Both a colored and a black and white photo will look good with this. You may add a white mat to a black or white picture frame molding to give it a modern look. A custom picture frame will be a great idea for more a uniquely decorated design.

Table Top Frames

Small-sized tabletop frames with your wedding photos are also a nice way to memorialize your wedding day. These will make meaningful framed pieces that you can place on your nightstand, counter, table, and even your office desk.

You can have this in a wooden frame to store a sweet photo of the both of you for a warm homely look. You may have it engraved with wedding-related phrases such as ‘Mr. and Mrs.’ You may also include your wedding date to make it even more special.
Another idea for this is an acrylic frame with a heart-shaped opening to display your photo which goes well with the wedding theme. You may also choose a double frame and have an extra photo slot to work with.

A Photo Collage

Another alternative to having a gallery wall of separately framed photos is to have several of your wedding photos in a single frame in the form of a collage. You can have the photos follow a horizontal order or a vertical one. This will be a neat way to display your wedding photos. Another interesting collage idea is to have the photos in a way that they form a heart shape for a bolder piece. You may also achieve this idea with a collage frame preferably with black or white borders.

Wedding Memorabilia

A unique way to frame your wedding photos is to frame them together with other wedding memorabilia. This can be anything that you used on your wedding day that you feel attached to such as jewelry, bow tie, flower bouquet, or tiara. You can also use other items to mark the ceremony such as the champagne bottle or the wedding invitation letter. Pair all these with a vintage picture frame moulding for a nice rustic look. This will be an excellent way to remember your wedding day.

Window Frame

This is another out of the box framing idea for your wedding photos. A window frame, as the name suggests, is a frame that resembles a window. This will go well with a vintage décor theme. You can have one large photo to fit within the entire frame and appear like a grid. Instead of this, you can have smaller individual photos in each window pane to form a gallery of your wedding photos.


Do not have your wedding photo stashed away somewhere. Whether you have them mounted on your walls, or standing on surfaces, framed wedding photos will be a great way to commemorate this special day while at the same time adding on to your home décor.

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