6 Cool Ways To Decorate Your Living Room With Picture Frame

6 Cool Ways To Decorate Your Living Room With Picture Frame

Your living room sets the pace for the rest of the house. It is also the room in which you first receive your visitors. You, therefore, want it to make a good impression. You also want to personalize it and make it a unique and comfortable room in which you can relax in. When looking to decorate your living room, do not forget to include picture frames. They are a great way to spruce up your living room while adding a personal touch with meaningful photos and artwork. Here are some ways in which you can use picture frames to decorate your living room.

Black and White

Little can be more when it comes to framing. This is why a black and white color scheme is always a great option. This adds a simple, yet modern touch to your living room. You can have art with a black and white color scheme and have it surrounded by a black frame. This can be black and white photographs, monochromatic art, or even black text on a white background, etc. You may also decide to go for white frames instead. This will add a soft touch making your space feel larger and more organized. This black and white look goes well with a white mat to give the piece a contrast.

Colorful Frames

Most frames and the ones that people naturally go for are the neutral ones. Alternatively, you can decide to go the other way with colorful frames. If you are a color lover, this will be a great way to add some color to your living room. Colorful frames will especially go well paired with almost white décor. Due to their already conspicuous color, you can have them in smaller sizes so that your space does not become overwhelmed.

You can have a single colorful vintage frame somewhere in your living room to give that single pop of color. You can also have several pieces distributed in different places. Also, you can go all-in with a small gallery wall of colored frames which you can also mix with neutral colored ones.

Go Frameless

Another great way to decorate your living room space is with frameless wall pieces. The frameless look has grown in popularity in contemporary homes. This is due to the clean and modern appearance that they provide. This is a great framing idea especially if you want to clearly bring out your art or photograph without the distraction of a picture frame molding.

You can add one large frameless canvas print to create a focal point for your living room. Instead of a single piece, you can also choose to have multi-canvas photos for a more dramatic effect. If you want something more polished and elegant, then you can go for acrylic frames.

Table Top Frames

If you are looking for a simple way to include picture frames in your living room décor, then you may consider tabletop frames. This is an ideal way to make your living room space to feel more intimate and put together. There are multiple ways in which you can incorporate tabletop frames, from the design to the placement.

Tabletop picture frame moldings can come in various materials from wooden ones, to acrylic and metallic. They are also available in multiple designs from simple ones to the more ornate ones. Tabletop frames usually look good in small sizes, although, you can still have some in medium sizes. Arrange your tabletop frames in different ways in your living room. These can go on the shelves, built-in unit, TV stand, and photo ledges, etc.

Collage Frames

Another great idea for decorating your living room with picture frames is through collage frames. This is a great option if you are looking for a wall of photos without having to go through the trouble of assembling a gallery wall from scratch. Instead, you will just need to add the photographs into the photo slots provided by the frame.

Collage frames come in various designs. You can pick one that will blend well with your living room décor. You will also need to think about the amount of space available. Collage frames are great for displaying family photographs. Although, you can still mix it up with other artwork.

Do not leave picture frames behind as you pick other items to use as decorations for your living room. Choosing picture frames for your living room decor is however not that simple. Above are ideas that can inspire you as you make your choices.

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