5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Frame For Your Artwork

5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Frame For Your Artwork

When you are decorating your home, office, or your art gallery, the first thing that comes to your mind is Artwork!

Well, it’s one thing to find the perfect print, photograph, poster, or original work of art. You are drawn to it, it speaks volumes to you and you somehow know that ‘this is the one’. With that said, knowing how to select a suitable frame for the artwork generally feels very daunting. There are a few points to consider when selecting a frame for your piece.

#1 Choosing A Frame Isn’t Just About Style:

Selecting a frame isn’t just about choosing a color and a material. You must take time to assess the artwork, and then consider a frame that complements the beauty of the artwork, the wall on which it is hung, and also improves the ambiance of the room. Along with enhancing the beauty of the artwork, the frame must also protect it from damage and degradation. It’s also important to consider where the work will be displayed: is it going to stay in the same place for many years, will it be in a home or a gallery, or will it be required to travel? All of these early questions would guide you in choosing the right frame.

#2 While Choosing A Frame You Must Match The Frame And Mat Style:

When you start looking at framing, it’s essential for you to understand that the composition of the artwork will expand to include both the frame and the mat. The right frame and mat would completely transform the look of your artwork.

Look for a mat and frame that match the style of your image, especially if there is a photo then try to capture a particular look or era. Simple compositions often look best with simple frames. For instance, a thin silver frame can be the perfect complement to a black-and-white photograph.

#3 Choose Complementary Colors

Before you pick a mat or frame, identify the most dominant three colors in your photo. The right mat can help your photo pop, you just need to find the right color. Expert picture framers state that you must avoid choosing a mat that matches your primary color; the eye won’t know where to focus, which could make your photo confusing to look at. Instead, use a mat in the same hue as a less dominant color—you can mix things up a bit with a darker shade or lighter tint. The color of the frame should complement the image. For photos dominated by cool colors, pick a cool-colored frame. If the photo is rich with warm colors, pick a similar warm frame.

#4 Go for a dramatic effect

For a clean and simple piece, consider choosing a frame color that is the complete opposite of that in the picture. This creates a very dramatic effect and draws all eyes to the framed display. This approach would work with any piece, simple or chaotic. An opposite-colored frame will add character to space you display it and helps you to make a very bold statement. It is often suggested to use a metal styled frame if you are willing to follow this approach. Always make sure that you do not create a cluttered feel to the artwork.

#5 While Selecting A Picture Frame, Size Always Matter:

Knowing the proper dimensions of your artwork would allow you to begin with the proper frame to coordinate with the art piece. Frames with oversized mats are quite popular and can make a small piece of artwork look impactful. However, frames with thin profiles typically do not work with larger pieces as they tend to not have the visual heft required.


Finding the right artwork for your home is important but finding the right frame is more important as that is what decides the final look. Once you’ve chosen an artwork that speaks to you and enhances the look of your room, you have to decide how to frame it. But with so many different frame option you might feel a little overwhelmed to pick a color and style. And then you need to consider the costing involved: If you’re investing your money, you want to make sure the frame is perfect. Wilson Moulding is the best in the world and would help you to sort out all your picture framing confusions. Moreover, they would be guiding you on how to take proper care of your picture frames.

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