5 Reasons Wide Format Printing Helps In Increasing Your Sales

5 Reasons Wide Format Printing Helps In Increasing Your Sales

Wide-format printing is a reasonably new printing technique that supports a maximum print roll width of between 18″ and 100″. This process is done through the usage of a computer-controlled wide printer. Wide-format printing has a short history compared to that of the printing industry. This is said to have emerged in the latter of the last century. Wide-format printing is employed for a variety of purposes ranging from fine art printing to commercial posters.


This history of printing can be dated back to 3000 BC or earlier. The Mesopotamians used a round cylinder with seals to print onto clay tablets. These tablets consisted of various images among them. Other than that, early Chinese and Egyptian societies used stamps to print onto a cloth. This can be considered as the First Stage of printing. At present, wide format printing has evolved drastically in the past 15 years. Originally these printers had pens inside them to create the design on paper or vinyl. This was cost-effective, but it took some time for the work to be completed. Then inkjet technology was introduced by HP and canon. Wide printers with this technology were more efficient.

Where is this printing format used

Wide-format printing is used to produce products for various sectors in business, including banners, trade show graphics, wallpapers, posters, murals, or any other large format artwork. The international market for inkjet wide printing is estimated to be 50 billion dollars a year.

Types of wide-format printing

There are two types. Namely, the printer only types and the multifunctional type. The purpose of the printer only type is to print whatever is sent to the computer or the device controlling it. The multifunctional type has a separate scanner close to it. This helps us scan a physical image to be printed on a wide format.

There are also wide-format inkjet and laser printers available that come in a variety of sizes. The inkjet variant offers more size options, while the laser variants tend to be typically small. It ultimately boils down to the needs of a printer. If you are in need of promoting your business, then large scale banners and posters will have to be used; thus, you may consider using a wide-format inkjet printer for this purpose.

Why use wide format printing?

There are many benefits of employing wide format printing to your business. Due to many misconceptions about the size of a printer and it’s cost, many businesses will tend to choose another method. Wide-format printing is considered to be one of the staples of the marketing and advertising industries. This has become popular in use due to its efficiency and flexibility. Even with the advancement of technology and the increased popularity in digital marketing, print is still a necessity, and it will always be. Wide-format printing offers a vast space where you can advertise your products and services. The high visibility and lasting impressions of your content can effectively deliver the message to a larger audience. Here are some of the perks of wide-format printing.

1. The ability to customize the design and shape of the print is one of the most beneficial services this can offer. This enables the user to explore different settings and create a poster for his/her satisfaction. Businesses using wide format printing have more flexibility when it comes to getting what they want. The following are some jobs that can be done using a wide format printer.

• Large-scale photography

• Blueprints

• Banners and poster for marketing

• Large maps for malls or communities

• Car decals

• Floor and window graphics

2. Time is money. Wide-format printers are known for their efficiency and speed. Most printers will produce up to 15 large posters per hour. Also, wide format printers are engineered to create pictures and text with great clarity. In contrast to the typical printer, this is a lifesaver.

3. The usage of UV cured ink on the process will protect the product from adverse weather. Thus the durability and visibility are further preserved.

4. The ability to print on many materials is an added benefit of wide-format printing. Here are some of them

• Glass

• Cloth

• Vinyl

• Wood

• Metal

• Foamboard

• Corrugated plastic

5. Wide-format printing is considered to be one of the most cost-effective marketing tools available. For a low cost, sharp and clear images that are visible from a distance are created. This helps increased brand recognition and information about the product, such as discounts and deals, to be displayed to a larger audience.

Wide-format printing has many benefits and options to choose them for. With time and money being a concern for most businesses, wide format printing has the potential to save a fortune. As you have learned about the advantages of this technology, it is time for you to build a strategy.

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