5 Reasons to Choose Closed Corner Picture Frames

5 Reasons To Choose Closed Corner Picture Frames

Frames are useful when it comes to supporting and protecting our artwork and photographs. Closed Corner Picture Frames are a great choice when it comes to choosing a frame. Just as the name suggests, this type of picture frames is made of closed corners such that they do not have visible seams. This is as opposed to modern-day frames that are intended for quick and mass production. Here, pre-finished picture frame moldings lengths are joined to make a frame. On the contrary, closed corner picture frames are made by doing the joining first followed by the finishing. The results are superior to those of prefabricated frames. The following are the reasons for choosing closed corner picture frames.

Protect Your Artwork and Photos

Frames are meant to give your photos and artwork the adequate support and protection that they need. As a result of how they are made, closed corner picture frames are able to serve this purpose well. Frame corners are what joins the frame together and determine its strength. Therefore, the joining techniques matter. With typical frames, the lengths are attached with plastic fasteners or nails to come up with the entire frame. This does not provide strong support for your pieces.

When making closed corner picture frames, the makers are usually intentional about the artistry and the choosing of the materials. Therefore, they are usually made with good quality materials. This is because they are not just made to meet high demand like modern frames. To lower the production cost, these frames are mostly poor quality and can damage your pieces. Closed corner frames however are safe for your pieces as they use archival quality components.


When you frame your artwork and photographs, you want the pieces to last for a long time. The construction of typical frames focuses on producing as many of them as is possible, within the shortest time and at the lowest cost. The end results are substandard in terms of functionality as compared to the closed corner picture frames. These are susceptible to breaking down with time even without being knocked down or moved around. This is due to the poor joining techniques used on the corners.

Proper joining methods are used in closed corner frames which makes them firm enough to last for years. You will therefore not have to worry about the joints separating in the long run.

Better Appearance

Closed corner picture frames tend to have a better appearance as compared to the pre-finished frames. This is because the finishing is done after the joining, making the frame look seamless. They are sanded to smoothen the joints making them less visible. A coat may also be applied to hide them further. Also, the detailing is continuously done from one length to the other such that the pattern is not interrupted at the corners. There is also no inconsistency with the staining and vanishing since it’s applied continuously over the joints for a clean finish.

This is unlike with prefinished picture frame molding lengths which are just joined together. This produces harsh lines at the joints and inconsistencies with the pattern and finishing.

Highly Customizable

With closed corner frames, you are not limited to only a few pre-fabricated designs. Since the finishing is done after the joining, it can be designed exactly as per your specification. This is suitable if you are looking for a more unique and ornate design as compared to the one offered by pre-finished molding lengths. You also have the freedom to specify the colors that you would like your frame to have. Any finishing that you prefer can also be added.


When it comes to closed corner picture frames, the construction and design are done specifically to a piece rather than just being applied generically. This allows for the frame maker to apply full artistry to the entire process of making the frame. This leads to endless design possibilities.

This also gives for the corners, just as the rest of the frame, the allowance to have some artistry done on them. The maker, therefore, has the advantage of manipulating the design and details at the corner to make artistic statements and add to the entire aesthetic of the frame. This freedom cannot be afforded by frames whose designs are already complete during joining.

The corners play a huge role in a frame. As a result, the method in which the frame lengths are brought together impacts how the frame turns out. The joining technique used with closed corner picture frames makes them superior not only in terms of appearance but also in functionality.

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