5 Framing Projects for Quarantine

5 Framing Projects for Quarantine

The COVID-19 pandemic has been the onset of unusual times for everyone. As a result, People have been forced to go on quarantine as a way to curb the spread of the virus. Stuck at home with nothing much to do has demanded people to get creative with their time. The following are fun yet productive framing projects that you can work on to keep you occupied during the quarantine.

Frame it yourself

Prone to procrastination as humans, you probably have some photographs or art pieces lying around which you have been intending to have framed for a while. Being at home on quarantine, there is no more excuse for not doing so. It’s time to gather up these pieces and have them framed once and for all!

Most framing shops will provide framing options that will not require you to leave the house. All you have to do is visit their website and order (if their delivery options are still available) for a picture frame molding and matting of your choice. This process can be as easy as sending the pieces over to them, have them framed, and then mailed back to you. However, to make this a cheaper and more engaging process, you may choose to just order for the frame and do the framing yourself.

With the latter option, you will be required to do the measurements yourself. To avoid any errors, you may refer to a framing size guide to help you with this. Most framing shops will attach instructions to make the framing easier for you. If not, you can turn to the internet for tutorials.

Gallery Wall

If you have dreamed of turning one of your walls at home into an astounding wall of pictures, then this quarantine period is the perfect time to get down to it. You can create the gallery wall with already existing pieces or create new ones and then have them framed. Ideas for new pieces are numerous from taking new pictures, paintings, print outs, and many more.

You may choose to have a themed gallery wall. This could be your photos to symbolize significant moments in your life, artwork from your favorite artist, and if you are a music lover, you can do a wall of framed vinyl records for your favorite albums. Contrarily, you could also go with a mix and match of your favorite pieces.

You could play around with the arrangement by having different frame sizes as well as designs. Seek inspiration on the internet for awesome layouts. This is a project that you can work on overtime and you do not have to finish it all at once.

DIY Frames

Quarantine is an opportunity to take part in DIY projects that you would have normally lacked the time for. Take this time to put your crafting skills to test by coming up with interesting DIY frames for your pieces. If you are finding it difficult to think of something, there are plenty of ideas online.

A perfect and easy example is the creation of a book frame. If you have books that are no longer in use, you can transform them into picture frames in minutes by sticking a photo on the cover. You could also try using color to create exciting designs on cardboard frames. If you could get your hands on a few pebbles, then a rock photo frame would not be a bad idea.

The options are endless. Select a DIY framing project to work on depending on the level of preferred complexity as well as the available materials.

Kids Framing Projects

Managing children at home can be a difficult task, especially during this quarantine period. The awesome thing about framing projects is that you can get your children involved too. Get them occupied by working with them on exciting framing projects.

This is also an opportunity to bond with them by teaching them DIY framing projects that you might have worked on yourself as a kid. From creating Popsicle stick frames to one made of matchbox cars, or a striking multi-colored pencil frame, there are numerous framing projects for kids to have them take some time off the screens.

Frame Care

If a busy schedule has resulted in neglected picture frames, then the current quarantine situation is an opportunity for you to reverse this. Before going ahead to get new picture frames, use this time to take part in some frame care projects for the already existing ones. Refer to a frame care guide to learn ways in which to comprehensively clean and care for your picture frames.


With numerous crafting projects available for one to take part in, there is no reason to get bored during the quarantine. The above framing projects will be a good start even as you wait to resume your normal life. This is a great way to keep you calm and engaged while at the same time enjoying some satisfaction from tangible results.

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