5 Essential Points To Get A Perfect Custom Frame

5 Essential Points To Get A Perfect Custom Frame

Getting a perfect custom frame in an online store might be convenient but not totally. Rather than lug your photo print or painting to a custom frame shop, you can simply click and order after only about two to three careful views.

It is that easy to order, but mistakes can happen in this as well. It is very common for mistakes to happen, and getting a custom picture frame online cannot be exempted from these kinds of issues. Getting a perfect picture frame that will match your artwork or photo prints may not be quite an easy task so, these points may be guidelines you can choose to follow.

1.Don’t Go For High-Grade Materials Since You May Not Need Them

A custom frame package will normally contain not only the frame but will also include the photo mounting boards, glazing, and archival mat boards. They are all obtainable in various degrees of protective qualities. It is a good feeling to want to go for the perfect package, but the perfect materials you are looking out to get may not be so expensive.

If, you come across a choice between three different kinds of mat boards, for example, Alpha cellulose, paper, and cotton rag. They are made from different materials. Cotton rag fits long-term maintenance in museums, and they are the most expensive when compared to others.

Alpha cellulose, on the other hand, is cheap. You may want to consider them as a middle ground framing component if you want to go slow on spending, but they are very artwork protective, and you can be assured it is perfect for your artwork.

These mats are made of lignin-free and acid-free cellulose. They also meet museum preservation standards but be on the lookout as some alpha-cellulose mats are not perfect for use because they are not archival mat boards.

However, paper matboards are economical, and people will always overlook them because their status is belittled, and they are seen as fits for temporary framing. If you are looking at framing photos or prints that you can easily recreate, this type of matt is just perfect for use.

Even though very cheap, it is made with high-quality materials; it is also attractive. The bad news is that over time, it will cause harm to artworks and photos because they are acidic, but this process does not just happen immediately. For an easy reproduction of art, it really will not matter if it will later start fading away.

2.Don’t Rely On A Computer Monitor When Seeking The Perfect Color For Your Custom Frame Package

Don’t Rely On A Computer Monitor When Seeking The Perfect Color For Your Custom Frame Package

Mat boards are indeed produced in subtle colors such as cream and white, but they are now commonly available in more varying colors like deep red, blue, yellow, organic greens, and pastel pinks. These colors have been produced to encourage an extraordinary visual attraction to a framed work.

Some new custom-made metallic picture frames outdo the usual black and silver, and they are now available in metallic blue, red, green, turquoise, and purple. These colors are made to enhance your custom framed piece.

However, you cannot ascertain the true color just by staring at your monitor, so you cannot make decisions from there. When you attempt to match colors in your photo or artwork, it is pertinent to find the appropriate color from your framing package. To avoid making the wrong order and finding out they do not match, order a sample of the picture frame molding.

3.If The Equipment Is Not Suitable, Do Not Fix The Frame by Yourself

If The Equipment Is Not Suitable, Do Not Fix The Frame by Yourself

If your custom frame package has been obtained from an online shop, then you may not worry about putting them together. Assembling them may be just easy. First, attach the artwork to the Matt board, insert it in the frame, affix hangers, and just like that, your frame is ready for display.

If you want to create a personal look for your artwork, some custom frame shops offer matt boards in full sheets with no cuttings made at all. You can cut the mats the way it best suits your creativity. Use rulers and manual mat cutters to ensure accuracy. You must be experienced to try this out or else, the result you desire will not be possible.

You can ask professional framers at custom frame shops to help you use their cutting machines that can cleanly and accurately cut multiple or single mat board windows, and the materials will not be wasted.

4.The Size Of Your Custom Frame Matters.

Custom frame shops can provide the ability to adjust the size of your custom frame, mount board, and mat board so that you can create your unique custom frame. When you are provided advanced options like archival backing, extra acrylic or glass as well as blank mats, you can make the most out of your creativity.

Standard sizes are also great options, but if you still opt for custom sizes and use mat boards, ensure you are familiar with the difference between mat windows and the size of your artwork. You may want the opening space in the mat to be minuscule than your artwork so that the edge of the work can be concealed to flatten the artwork against the board.

5.Ask For Advice When Getting A Perfect Custom Frame.

Ask questions before you frame your artwork or photo. If you are not sure what kind of frame will match your custom look, you can contact framing professionals who will provide accurate information. They can help you get a perfect custom frame for your work. They can also help you with options that will enable you to go for only the best custom frame designs.


Custom frame shops, whether online or just across the street, are a good source of places to look when looking out to get a perfect look for your artwork or photo print. But you must avoid the common mistakes when ordering your custom frame.

You can be as creative as you want and make it a DIY project. Nevertheless, where you are not able to do this on your own, professional framers are always available to assist you by providing the best custom finishing for your home.

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