5 Custom Picture Framing Ways to Make Your Walls Interesting!

5 Custom Picture Framing Ways To Make Your Walls Interesting

Having considered the various benefits involved, you may have made the decision to go the custom picture framing way. Finding the perfect custom picture frame for your pieces might have guided this decision. This may however end up being overwhelming as you try and narrow down your options. This should not deter you as finding the perfect frame is still possible. The following are custom picture framing ways that will enable you to perk up your walls.

Consider the Art Style

First of all, you need to identify the pieces that you intend on custom framing. This could be your favorite art or photographs. It could also be other memorabilia such as gifts, posters, etc. For such meaningful pieces, custom picture framing is ideal to enable you to end up with the best picture frames for them.

Whatever it is that you are framing, you need to consider the style that it has. Are they contemporary pieces that would go well with the minimalistic frames or are they the vintage ones that would look good in elaborate frames? Whichever way you go, the design of your custom picture frames should be complementary to your art without taking away from it. This also goes for the custom framing colors and materials that you choose.

Think About the Style of the Room

Do not be too engrossed in finding a custom picture frame to go perfectly with the art pieces that you forget about the surrounding. Doing this might lead you to end up with a beautiful customized piece that looks good independently but not on the intended wall.

Your custom picture frame should be in harmony with the interior design of the space where it is to be placed. This however does not mean matching every sing detail to the latter, but rather, having a complementary effect. For instance, a room with a classic design and antiques will go well with vintage wooden frames. On the contrary, simple metallic frames will be perfect for contemporary households.

The Sizing

Since you will not be buying an already made frame, sizing forms an important aspect of custom picture framing. This is because custom picture frames are made to fit your artwork per the measurements provided. It would be very disappointing for a custom picture frame to be made from scratch only to have your art not fit into it.

When it comes to sizing, you also need to think about how wide or narrow you want to make your custom picture frame. This is, of course, having considered your artwork. For a simple artwork or photograph, you do not want to drown it with a thick frame. As for thin frames, they may get lost in vibrant pieces.

Add a Mat

With the custom framing option, there are some other ways in which you can customize your framed pieces other than just the picture frame molding. The mat is one of them. You have the liberty to choose whether or not to add a mat to your piece. Some pieces may look good with one while others may not. It is up to your personal preference and what is best for your artwork. If you do decide to add a mat to your piece, then you are in luck. This is because custom framing provides a wide variety of mating options.

A mat should be wide enough to properly offset a given photo or art. Nonetheless, you can customize your mat to be as wide as you want, depending on the look that you want. You will also have a wide color selection and not just the typical white or cream-colored ones.

Matching Your Pieces

How well your custom picture frames will turn out on your wall not only depends on the way they blend in with the artwork and the interior but also how they match with the surrounding pieces. This does not mean having to match the custom picture frame design of all the pieces that are to be placed together. Their various designs, however, do need to fit together. If not, it is best that you separate them to maintain the full effect of the frames.

You will be faced with many options when it comes to custom picture framing. At the end of the day, you still need to pick one. The above ways will help turn this into a more manageable process.

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