5 Custom Picture Framing Ideas To Decorate Your Walls

5 Custom Picture Framing Ideas To Decorate Your Walls

You might have come across this famous quote – “An empty wall is just like a blank canvas”. It is actually true. Most of the people have a wide range of ideas for decorating the wall. It is the best way to give a personal touch to your house. According to a survey, it was found that people opt for decorating the walls with picture frames.  For people who are looking forward to decorating the house with picture frames can have endless ways to arrange pictures on your wall. The goal of using a picture frame is to give an aesthetic look to the house.

You can put some quotes, display family photos, or some vintage/modern artwork. To give the wall a dramatic look, you can create an eye-catching gallery wall using different sized frames, or incorporating your favorite artwork into a wall collage can quickly become challenging.

Here you would get some amazing custom picture framing ideas to decorate the wall. We have you covered for everything – right from creating a huge gallery wall or exhibiting the favorite artwork. Just tell a story with your photos and turn your empty wall into a work of art.

#1 Choose A Particular Theme For Custom Picture Framing

First of all, you need to determine what theme you wish to go for. Whether you want to go for a family theme or friends or whether you want to display pictures of your tour. You can also have a combined theme that would include everything. If you wish to go for a combined theme, then make sure you have enough space on the wall to display the pictures. It should give an elegant look, and not otherwise.

Now, once you have selected a theme, you need to focus on selecting the right frame. Your choice of frame will enhance the look of the wall. If you want a modern contemporary look, then go for acrylic frames or floating frames. But if you want to have a traditional look, make use of wooden picture frames. You can even group antique-looking brass frames in assorted shapes to give a unique look to the wall.

#2 You Can Create  Photo Ledges

You can organize the custom picture frames with some amazing artwork on a series of shelves. To make it look a bit stylish, you can layer the shelves with various shapes, colors, and sizes to foster maximum visual appeal.

#3 Eclectic Wall Decoration – Choose picture frames with the same color but varying design

With custom picture frames, you can display a broad assortment of photographs, art, and interesting objects is a unique way to let your personal style shine through. It is not necessary to follow any specific rules for decorating the wall, just have a good collection of pictures with a wide range of color schemes to choose from.

#4 Decorate The Walls With Floating Frames

If you have a huge collection of high-resolution photos to show off, why not go big? You can make use of floating frames to showcase your family photos are your trip photos or some colorful landscapes that look greatly enlarged and printed on durable canvas.

#5 Custom Picture Frames With Stairway Photo Wall Ideas

You can decorate a wall with pleasant and eye-catching custom picture frames. You can use the empty staircase wall and completely transform it into a beautifully decorated wall. If you do it properly by considering all the dimensions of the wall as well as the picture frames, this stairway photo wall idea can create magic on your wall. You can use this custom picture framing idea for displaying your marriage pictures, birthday pictures, or any other special occasion.


Custom picture framing has the potential to complement the imagery, award, or artwork that is displayed. Picture frames are the best way to convey and reflect the personality and style of the homeowner. Therefore, you must make a choice of picture frames as it will determine the entire look of the wall and the room in which they are displayed.

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