5 Best Artworks By Ed Heck

5 Best Artworks By Ed Heck

Ed Heck is well-known for his enigmatic artworks that appeals to a varied audience. From newcomers to serious & dedicated collectors, all praises Ed Heck’s artwork.

Art is a very subjective matter, where one artwork appeals to a person but the same may not appeal to another. But, we are very certain you will admire these artworks created by Ed Heck.

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Now, let’s take a look at the 5 best artworks by Ed Heck

1. Eye Heart You

Eye Heart You | Ed Heck Art Work | Wilson Moulding

This artwork by Ed Heck is really admirable. He has used a rather charming monster to illustrate love. In doing so, Ed Heck made the painting colorful & vivid.

If you look at the artwork, you will see a charming little monster with one eye (I) holding a heart symbol (Love) in his hands and a horn in the shape of ‘U’ (You) atop his head. This expresses, “Eye Heart You”, or “I Love You”.

The innocence reflecting in this artwork is really praiseworthy and catches the attention of the spectator.

2. Clouds Over Brooklyn

Clouds-Over-Brooklyn | Ed Heck Artwork | Wilson Moulding

Ed Heck is from Brooklyn, New York and still lives there. Maybe the inspiration behind this masterpiece came from there.

It is a wonderful artwork by Ed Heck that looks very animation-like. His subtle way of creating art depicts here.

In this artwork, Ed Heck has used imperfections to create a perfectly delightful painting. If you observe it, you will notice that Ed Heck has not followed symmetry or used straight lines, but he blended animation-like features with his art.

Ed Heck created a fascinating artwork, making it vivid & colorful. You are sure to get mesmerized by it.

3. Go Doggie

Go Doggie | Ed Heck Artwork | Wilson Moulding

“Go Doggie” is a very alluring eye-catching artwork by Ed Heck. He has used bright colors to make the art animation-like and vivid.

In this artwork, you can see his most loved & most used doggie character sitting in a race car. He’s driving fast, which can be depicted from his floating ears.

Maybe someone cheered “Go Doggie”, and the doggie in the car turned his face to see who it was.

What is so great about this artwork you ask? Ed Heck focused on some minor details like the shadow of doggie’s ear on the trunk, doggie’s facial expression, and the use of bold colors.

4. City Lights

City Lights | Ed Heck Art work | Wilson Moulding

Just like “Clouds Over Brooklyn”, “City Lights” is yet another masterpiece by Ed Heck where imperfections creates perfection.

The improper shape of the moon, the crooked line of the buildings, the non-symmetrical windows, and a beautiful clear night-sky makes Ed Heck’s creation one of his 5 Best Artworks.

If you intently look at it, you can feel the animation-like portray. You will get delighted by seeing it from up close.

5. Chick Magnet

Chick Magnet | Ed Heck Art Work | Wilson Moulding

Ed Heck blends humor in his artwork, and “Chick Magnet” is one of them. If you look at the artwork after hearing its name, you are sure to get a good laugh.

Ed Heck has perfectly combined pun-humor. By hearing the name you must wonder if it has something to do with something used to gain attention of an attractive woman, but no.

Ed Heck took the literal meaning of “Chick” & “Magnet”. He literally created a painting where a chick is stuck on the magnet! Funny, isn’t it?

To Sum It Up…

These were the best 5 artworks created by Ed Heck, according to us. You may find other artworks by Ed Heck to be more alluring too. If you got enthralled, and are interested in Ed Heck’s artwork then come visit Wilson Moulding!

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