10 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Acrylic Display Boxes!

10 Interesting Facts You Didn't Know About Acrylic Display Box!

You might have come across acrylic display boxes millions of times. They are used to showcase various electronic gadgets, sometimes artwork and whatnot. Due to the increasing demand for acrylic boxes, they are available in a wide variety of shapes, styles, and sizes. Some of the common uses of acrylic display boxes include easy-access pockets, menu holders, free-standing acrylic panels, acrylic cube displays, cube kits, acrylic poster holders, acrylic display cases, wall-mounted panels, pedestals, and plinths.

Let’s get to know some interesting facts about acrylic display boxes.

#1 The Material Used In Acrylic Displays Is PMMA:

You might be wondering what PMMA is? Well, it is an abbreviation of Polymethylmethacrylate – PMMA and it is commonly referred to as acrylic. It is basically a thermoplastic with a transparent appearance and available in the market as plexiglass. PMMA technically is a polymer that is made out of petroleum. If you want 1 kg of PMMA in the form of the material then you would be needing 2 kg of the polymer.

#2 Acrylic display Boxes Are Extremely Versatile Products:

As you have known that acrylics display boxes generally find their application in various business expos, art exhibitions, art conventions, and at the exhibition of various electronic gadgets. This indicates that the acrylic display boxes are versatile and can be used in several places. The basic functionality of the acrylic display box is to showcase the objects placed inside and also provide protection to it.

#3 Acrylic Display Boxes Provide Strength And Security:

As the display boxes are made from acrylic, they are strong and durable and cannot break easily. Besides providing protection to the objects inside it, the acrylic display boxes are also available with an in-built lock system. It helps in keeping the objects secure. The acrylics display boxes can be used to display expensive jewelry, vintage artwork, and other antique items. You can assure that these things would be safe and well-protected inside the box.

#4 As Compared To The Glass Boxes, The Acrylic Boxes Are Extremely Lightweight:

Whenever you need to display and transport valuable artifacts from one place to another, acrylic display boxes are considered as the first choice. Glass display boxes are too heavy and can break easily, whereas acrylics display boxes are lightweight and durable. They can be easily placed inside huge vehicles and can be shifted from one place to another.

#5 Acrylic Display Boxes Are Optically Pure:

Acrylic is a material that has a clear appearance as compared to glass or any material. In addition, acrylic material does not possess any green tint, which is generally observed in the glass. Due to this clarity, the objects placed in the display boxes can be viewed without distortion. When you use acrylic display boxes then there won’t be any issues of shadows and reflections.

#6 Acrylic Display Boxes Are Easy To Clean And Maintain:

The display boxes are extremely easy and convenient to clean. You just have to make use of the right specialty cleaning solution to get a seamless and crystal clear view.

#7 Acrylic Display Boxes Provide Aesthetically Appealing Appearance:

Acrylic Display Boxes have the capability to enhance the quality of the objects placed inside it. It makes the item look clear and beautiful. In addition, even an undesirable object can suddenly get a new appearance. Acrylic display boxes have the potential to boost the quality of the displayed objects and makes it easier to sell.

#8 Acrylics Provide UV Resistant:

Most of us are afraid to put the collectibles or various artifacts in sunlight. This is because the UV rays of the sunlight have a fading effect on the artifacts. Similarly, the frames and the artwork placed inside it can also get damaged due to the UV rays of the sun. But this can be prevented if you are using an Acrylic display box or frames. If you make use of high-quality acrylic, you would be able to prevent the fading and premature aging of the artwork or artifacts placed in the box. Moreover, it will also be able to bear the effects of UV radiation without yellowing or otherwise sacrificing optimal clarity.

#9 Acrylic Display Boxes Are Extremely Cost-Effective:

According to the experts, it was revealed that manufacturing clear acrylic display boxes is less complex and expensive as compared to manufacturing glass. This comparison is done in terms of both labor and materials. Furthermore, the acrylic display boxes are not expensive when it comes to shipping the boxes as they are extremely lightweight.

#10 Acrylic Boxes Provide High Insulation:

For certain artifacts and objects, it becomes essential to be placed in boxes with specific conditions that provide insulation to the artifacts. Such insulation properties are available in the acrylic boxes. This property will keep the object inside less susceptible to the effects of the cold and heat.


Acrylic display boxes are considered to be the best way to present products and objects while protecting them from outside forces. Finally, acrylic display boxes as compared to the glass display box have superior material and various other properties that glass doesn’t possess.

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